It’s Time to Upgrade Your Openings

The world is opening back up – employees are going back to the office, students are going back to school, and individuals are traveling again – and demands for healthier, safer and more accessible environments are increasing.

And while those demands are understandable, the complexity added by buildings and their door openings that vary in size, use, and design can be overwhelming.  ASSA ABLOY can help you address these challenges by reducing germ transmission, controlling access, meeting building code requirements, offering good aesthetics and embracing energy efficiency. We can also help navigate product selection and specification, and offer professional services like fire door inspections.

Upgrade Your Openings to:

Upgrade Your Openings to Reduce Germ Transmission 

Think about the number of door openings you walk through each day. How many door levers and knobs do you touch, or how many times you push on a door to exit a space? Now multiply that by the number of occupants in the building. The numbers quickly add up, which is why it is important to reduce touchpoints to create healthier environments around frequently accessed and high-traffic doors.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands offers a continuum of Safer2Open™ low-touch and touchless products. From mechanical low-touch to electromechanical fully-automated touchless openings, there is a solution for every door requirement and budget.

Upgrade Your Openings to Add Intelligent Access Control 

Imagine walking through your facility. How many doors are considered general access? Do you have high security or even lockdown areas? What about your assets and data are they secured? There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to controlling access and different factors like quality, code compliance, design and functionality must also be considered.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer an array of access control solutions to meet virtually any requirement and budget. Specialized locking solutions can be tailored to meet your needs through a wide range of technologies and devices.

Learn more about our intelligent access control solutions

Upgrade Your Openings to Meet Building Codes

ADA accessibility, fire protection and egress requirements are top concerns for all building owner while other considerations like blast resistant openings, acoustics and windstorm resistance must also be factored in.

From wheelchair and ability accessibility, to fire door inspections, sound transmission control (STC), and protecting against environmental and malicious threats, ASSA ABLOY is committed to providing owners and occupants the assurance of building code and standard compliance.

 The ASSA ABLOY Egress Calculator is designed to help you determine the right doors and hardware for your building based on your state’s International Building Codes (IBC)®. 

Upgrade Your Openings to Meet Design & Sustainability Standards 

While the first job of doors and door hardware it to make what’s behind them safe and secure, their aesthetics and contributions to the building and natural environment matter too. Studies have shown that restorative environments can enhance economic performance, increase productivity and improve overall occupant satisfaction.

From elegant specialty doors coupled with coordinating hardware suites, to embracing energy efficiency at every openings, to bringing in natural light, ASSA ABLOY Group brands have you covered.

Upgrade Your Openings Training Spotlight

ASSA ABLOY offers a variety of training courses that feature products and solutions to help you Upgrade Your Openings. We highlighted a few courses for you below, but check out ASSA ABLOY Academy for more!  


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