Doors and Frames to Withstand Hurricanes and Tornados

ASSA ABLOY offers doors and door hardware designed to withstand the harsh environment of hurricanes and tornados.

Meteorologically speaking, tornados are short in duration with intense winds. The goal during a tornado is not necessarily to protect the building, but to ensure the survival of the occupants within. If a building is destroyed by a tornado, the designated shelter within the structure should remain standing—if it is properly designed.

Hurricanes, on the other hand, are long in duration with strong, sustained winds and rapid fluctuations in air pressure. A building designed to meet hurricane standards would be expected to survive the storm in good condition. Doors and door hardware on the building envelope are expected to be operational after absorbing the conditions.

Taking these distinct characteristics—and numerous windstorm-related certifications—into consideration, the consultative experts at ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions can help you equip your building with the necessary products to stay safe and secure when harsh weather strikes.

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Tornado-Resistant Products

ASSA ABLOY Group Brands offer a range of tornado-resistant and windstorm certified products to help you construct a safe and secure opening.

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Hurricane-Resistant Products

Stay safe during hurricane season with ASSA ABLOY wind-resistant doors and door hardware.

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