Sustainability agenda 2020

Increasing efficiency in production as well as elevating innovation in products and processes are essential to the Group’s ability to grow and be profitable. The sustainability agenda places an emphasis on the following:


  • Strengthen anti-corruption measures
  • Ensure responsible acquisitions
  • Reduce resource and energy consumption
  • Reduce emissions with global warming potential, both related to energy consumption and chemicals used in industrial processes
  • Increase the portion of renewable energy
  • Improve water and waste management
  • Improve health and safety performance
  • Improve sustainability performance within the supply chain
  • Include environmental management systems in all relevant sites
  • Improve diversity in managerial positions

Priorities to manage opportunities

  • Enhance the sustainability performance in ASSA ABLOY’s supply of products and solutions
  • Create products that fulfill our customers’ demands
  • Create products that our customers want to buy
  • Increase knowledge of customers’ future demands
  • Increase efficiency in production