Materials Ingredients Reporting

ASSA ABLOY supports efforts to increase product transparency in the built environment. We actively seek independently verified product transparency documents, including Health Product Declarations and Declare Labels, that list the materials ingredients of our products.


Health Product Declarations (HPDs) promote openness in sustainable construction by listing the material ingredients for each building product.

Green building guidelines and standards are continuously evolving to make buildings more efficient, productive and healthier for the occupants within. This latter sustainability goal--healthier buildings--requires greater scrutiny of the elements that go into a building. As a result, a need has developed for Health Product Declarations (HPDs) that lists the material ingredients for each building product.


Consumers are demanding information about the products they buy. They want to know what's in the air they breathe, the food they eat and the buildings they occupy. Because for today’s consumers, the most important information is the hardest to get. By offering a platform for public disclosure that surpasses any other materials label, Declare rises above the greenwash and enables a deep connection between suppliers and consumers.