Touchless Fully Automated Door Openings

Fully automated, touchless doorways provide the ultimate in safety and convenience, enabling the opening and closing of doors without touching or grasping hardware.

No-Touch Product Solutions

Wave a Hand or Walk on Through

Wave-to-open sensors, motion sensors and wireless transmitters provide hygienic solutions for hands-free access and egress.

Examples of Touchless Fully Automated Applications

Double doors with wave-to-open switch and automatic operator

Turn a double door opening into a completely touchless doorway by pairing a low energy door operator with a wave-to-open switch and electric latch retraction exit devices 

Product shown: Norton Wave-to-Open switch, Norton 6000 Series low energy operatorCorbin Russwin ED5000 Series with electric latch retraction
wave to open switch


Aluminum storefront single door

A combinations of a low energy door operator, motorized latch retraction exit device and a motion sensor creates a doorway that remains open as people pass through.

Products shown: Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ® low energy door operatorSecuritron XMS motion sensorAdams Rite P8800 exit device with motorized latch retraction

handsfree doorway


Restroom door with wave-to-open switch

Wave-to-open switches paired with a low energy door operator is an option for converting restroom  doors into a touchless experience.

Products shown: Norton 5700 Series low energy door operator paired with a Wave-to-Open switch and HES 1600 electric strike

touchless restroom door


Touchless glass entrance with wave-to-open switch and automatic operator

Touchless operation of glass doors is possible by pairing a wave-to-open switch with a low energy door operator and electric strike in the header.

Products shown: ASSA ABLOY PDU8000 Series glass panic device with half-straight pullNorton 5710 low energy door operator with wave-to-open switch and Folger Adam 310-1 (3/4) single electric strike 

touchless glass opening

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