Low-Touch Mechanical Door Opening Solutions

Our selection of low-touch mechanical product solutions offer easy-to-install and cost-effective options for converting doorways so they can be operated with minimal touching.

Low Touch Products

Just Hook an Arm or Pull with a Foot...

Arm and foot pulls are easy, cost-effective options for hands-free door operation in new and pre-existing aluminum, metal or wood openings.

Push with a Hip or Pull with an Arm...

Enable hands-free movement through virtually any door with the installation of push/pull and paddle trim.

Overhead Stops & Holders

Used on openings without closers to keep doors open, overhead stops and holders can help to reduce touchpoints on various doors throughout facilities.

Examples of Low-Touch Mechanical Applications

Double door with arm pulls

Easily upgrade doorways in high traffic areas into low-touch openings with specially designed arm pulls that accommodate a forearm. Using an arm pull on one side and exit device on the other enables hands-free inswing and outswing action.

Product shown: Rockwood AP1007 Arm Pull with Plate

double door with arm pulls



Restroom door with push/pull trim

Push/Pull trim allows restroom doors to be opened without grasping the hardware using hands.

Product shown: Push / Pull Trim by Corbin Russwin or SARGENT

restroom door with push/pull trim



Restroom door with foot pull

A foot pull on a restroom door is a quick and cost effective upgrade option for hands free operation.

Product shown:Rockwood FP1230 Foot Pull

bathroom door with foot pull



Restroom door door with arm pull

An arm pull placed above traditional pull provides a hands free method for opening restroom doors.

Product shown: Rockwood AP1140 Arm Pull

restroom door with arm pull


Double doors with arm pull

Convert double door entrances into hands-free openings with an arm pull on the exterior side of the door.

Product shown: Rockwood AP1140 Arm Pull

double door with arm pull


Aluminum store front door with push/pull trim

A mechanical hardware upgrade using push/pull deadlatch trim enables a door to be opened with a push of the hip or pull of your arm.

Product shown: Adams Rite 4591 Deadlatch Paddle Trim

double door with push/pull trim


Glass opening with exit device

Upgrade your glass door opening with a mechanical glass panic device.

Product shown: ASSA ABLOY PDU8000 Series glass panic devic

glass opening with exit device

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