Low-Touch Electromechanical Door Opening Solutions

Create unencumbered traffic flows within a building with low-touch electromechanical products that hold doorways in the open position or enable hands-free operation.

Low-Touch Electromechanical Products

Electromagnetic Door Holder

Keep your doors open during high traffic times to minimize touch points on your door handles.

Electric Latch Retraction

Make it easy for people to move quickly and hands-free through virtually any door with the simple addition of Electric Latch Retraction.

Door Holder/Release

Hold the door open at any point up to 180° with a multi-point electromechanical closer/holder.

SafeZone Door Closer

Safeguard occupants as they move through doorways with a multi-point electromechanical closer that features a programmable motion sensor.

Electric Strikes

Enable remote locking and unlocking of a door with electric strikes.


Securitron Magnalocks are ideal for high traffic and high security applications.

Intelligent Keys

Intelligent Key systems can limit a user's physical contact to their own personal items suchas keys and mobile phones.

Contactless Programming

Contactless key programming can be administered remotely so there is no physical interaction from the customer or support entity.

Examples of Low-Touch Electromechanical Applications

Aluminum storefront entrance with Electric Latch Retraction

 Exit devices with electric latch retration allow occupants to move freely through a building.

Product Shown: Adams Rite P8600 exit device with motorized latch retraction

aluminum storefront electric latch retraction


Hollow metal double doors with electric latch retraction

Electric latch retraction enables remote lock/unlock of a door with an exit device.

Product shown: Sargent 80 Series exit device with electric latch retraction

hollow metal doors with electric latch retraction

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