Reducing Noise with Acoustic Doors and Door Assemblies

Many building types can benefit from sound control. In hospitals, excessive noise can make it difficult for patients to sleep. Classrooms that are next to louder spaces, like band rooms, make it hard for students to hear the teacher. And we've all experienced how hotel rooms sometimes let in loud hallway noises.

Requirements for the reduction of noise in the built environment come from codes and standards. Using products that align with Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings will help meet these requirements.

The sound rating of a door is determined through standardized acoustic testing. The higher the STC rating, the less noise is passed through the material - in our case, the door opening.

ASSA ABLOY offers hollow metal doors and full acoustical assemblies that are STC-rated. They can be used in education, healthcare, hospitality, military/government, and office facilities.

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