Specialized Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities have a very diverse set of requirements across the many different environments on campus. Our specialized solutions are designed with these specific requirements in mind, to ensure a safe, secure and productive learning environment.

Credential Migration

The student campus ID card is as much a part of college life as textbooks, laptops and cramming for exams. Students use their card to get into their residence halls, buy meals, and take out library books. Migrating these credentials to increase functionality and security can be a large and disruptive process.

Next-generation ASSA ABLOY locking technology supports multiple credential types, offering a clear upgrade path for the entire campus. From mag stripe to smart card to mobile phone, this path enables upgrades as funding becomes available, without large disruption.

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Mobile Access

Multi-technology ASSA ABLOY locks provide flexibility to support emerging technologies such as mobile access. Mobile access, using the students’ cell phones, can replace or complement keys or cards in university environments across a variety of locations, including residence halls.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer a broad range of access control locks that support HID Mobile Access powered by Seos—a next generation credential technology that provides both best-in-class data and privacy protection and flexibility of use across multiple form factors and applications.

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Streamlining Package Delivery

Package delivery and the issue of package theft has become a growing concern that affects the experience students and faculty have on campus. As a result, cabinets and lockers for secure package delivery are becoming an increasingly valuable solution for campuses as an alternative to having packages left at residence hall entrances where they’re at risk of theft or misplacement.

Luxer One package lockers feature touchscreens and keyless access to provider greater security and peace of mind in package delivery centers.

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Managing Sound Transmission

In an education setting, acoustics are especially important. The transmission of sound from classrooms can disrupt the learning process or disturb faculty working in adjacent offices. In athletic facilities, it is equally important to control the sound coming from gymnasiums and athletic arenas. Performing arts schools have acoustic requirements that are critical to ensure focus and concentration within rehearsal rooms. In response to these challenges, weoffer doorway assemblies (doors, frames and gasketing) that achieve high sound transmission control ratings.

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