Managing Access

The sheer number of use cases across the interiors of a college campus can be daunting. ASSA ABLOY offers a broad range of access control solutions to meet each one:

  • User-friendly, IP-enabled solutions utilize open standard network infrastructure to provide advanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations with easy migration paths to higher security credentials.
    • WiFi locks are ideal for door dense environments like residence halls, where it would be difficult to install wired locks. Learn more
    • PoE locks take advantage of the existing Local Area Network (LAN) for both power and data, to streamline the installation process, reduce costs, and enable real-time communication. Learn more
  • Aperio® real-time wireless technology offers the flexibility to expand access control to almost any application, including protecting cabinets, lockers, drawers and even server cabinets to control and monitor access to sensitive records or documents, pharmaceuticals, valuable materials, mailroom lockers, bicycle storage, network equipment, and more. Learn more

Elevating Sustainability

Every component of today’s campus should contribute to a safe and healthy learning environment. Many ASSA ABLOY Group products contribute to human health and the bottom line. Products are designed to be better for the building occupants, while reducing the footprint of the building itself. Documents like EPDs, HPDs, and Declare labels help to promote transparent research of building materials. In addition, energy savings case studies confirm the role of electrified products and exterior envelope solutions. All work together to support even the most progressive building certification programs known to the industry.

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Advancing Aesthetics

Although safety and security are the primary concerns for door opening solutions, aesthetics are absolutely essential in creating an environment that is not only conducive to learning but also creates a sense of comfort on campus. Offering the perfect combination of form and function, ASSA ABLOY Group brands have the industry’s most impressive line of decorative doors, frames and architectural hardware.

Careful selection of doors, frames and architectural hardware will allow you to satisfy your institution’s security and  convenience requirements while also enhancing the learning environment.

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Creating Bright, Productive Spaces

An important consideration in the livability of a building, daylighting is the process of bringing natural light and direct sunlight in through windows, skylights and interior glass. Gone are the days of uninviting, fluorescent-lit classrooms. Exposure to natural light helps improve health, happiness, productivity and well-being—all while decreasing total building energy costs by almost a third.

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Prioritizing Safety and Security

An unfortunate reality on today’s campuses is the possibility of an active shooter event. Our attack resistant door opening has been tested and certified to withstand the most brutal attempts at intrusion for over four minutes, giving occupants enough time to seek safety until first responders arrive.

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Classroom Safety: Protecting Students, Faculty and Staff

Sadly, the past two decades have seen the need to protect students during active shooter events, making classroom security upgrades a high priority for many campuses.

Many schools are still outfitted with openings that are not capable of providing the type of protection imperative to a safe classroom environment. For instance, devices that wedge doors shut from the inside are marketed as add-on safety devices, but in reality, they violate fire and life safety codes, provide a false sense of security and reduce the perceived need for appropriate security solutions.

The best security solutions: 

  • Provide for free egress in the event of a fire or similar emergency
  • Allow access for police and emergency personnel
  • Ensure access to safe areas for students and faculty

In cases where school officials determine that lockdowns are the best method, ASSA ABLOY has multiple solutions to facilitate a safe lockdown without dangerous secondary locking devices. These secondary locking devices that jam, wedge, bar or barricade doors in place don’t just violate code, they make doors much more dangerous. In the event of an emergency, they could accidentally shutter a needed means of escape. They also allow for individuals to barricade themselves in a room that is no longer accessible by key—stopping staff or first responders from being able to de-escalate a situation. Conversely, rigorously tested ASSA ABLOY attack-resistant openings are an integral part of a school security solution that ensures a safe learning environment without violating compliance codes or creating problematic secondary safety issues.

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