Securing Your College Campus from Curb to Core

Colleges and universities face the tremendous task of providing a safe and enriching environment in which students can learn and grow.

Campuses must strike a balance between creating an open and attractive environment and ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty and staff. ASSA ABLOY has worked closely with various stakeholders across college campuses to understand their security needs and the complex challenges they face. We’ve created comprehensive solutions for cost-effective, forward-thinking campus security that goes beyond traditional notions of access control.

Your Complete Curb to Core Solution

Controlling Entry and Exit at the Perimeter

The entry to a campus is the first line of defense and is critical to ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed on campus. ASSA ABLOY offers secure entry barriers such as bollards, vehicle entry barriers, perimeter fencing and security gates.

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Optimizing the Building Envelope

There are many types of buildings on a college campus—from classrooms and administrative offices to athletic complexes and residence halls. Though each building type may have unique security requirements, there are certain needs that remain the same across campus.

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Designing Interior Spaces to Aid Learning

We understand that creating a safe and secure learning environment is one of the highest priorities for campus security professionals and administrators. Our solutions are designed to support these critical goals while addressing the specific needs of each space.

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Specialized Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities have a very diverse set of requirements across the many different environments on campus. Our specialized solutions are designed with these specific requirements in mind, to ensure a safe, secure and productive learning environment.

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