Door Locks for Schools & Classroom Safety

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ASSA ABLOY offers a wide selection of high security door locks and systems for schools and classrooms. Our solutions range from high security key locks to advanced digital locks for doors.

Thanks to today's locking technologies, it's now possible to implement varying degrees of access control at each opening. These locking technologies mesh together and operate seamlessly to create a fully secure facility. 

Whether combining multiple credentials, leveraging existing network infrastructure, integrating discrete components, or adding decision making capability, modern technology allows a much broader set of products that can be deployed at each opening. This allows for the selection of the right product to provide the right level of security within a given budget. In other words, more security for your dollar.

School safety and security upgrades often focus on locks because they are ‘easy’ to replace and immediately improve security on critical doors. Doorways throughout the facility are candidates to be upgraded, including:

  • Exterior doors, to help secure the perimeter from intrusion 
  • Administrative areas, such as the office and library 
  • Classrooms, which are used as safe havens in an emergency

School Door Locks & Security Solutions 

Today’s educational landscape requires a thoughtful approach that balances safety and security with the health and wellness of students to create an ideal learning environment. Doors, door locks, and other door hardware are critical elements of this ecosystem. ASSA ABLOY's curb to core approach helps protect your school with the help of door lock solutions such as:

Barricade Solutions and Secondary Locking Devices


There are many solutions being offered to schools and other public facilities that simply do not work, or – much worse – make buildings more dangerous for the occupants. For example, there are multiple versions of a device that will wedge or barricade a door from the inside.

These secondary locking devices are marketed as a security add-on to traditional doors. In reality, they are making things much more dangerous by providing a false sense of security, reducing the perceived need for actual solutions, enabling hostage situations, preventing first-responder access, and likely violating fire and safety codes.

Schools come under immense pressure from school boards, parents, students, and community members to respond in some way. Timeliness in these situations can feel imperative, but it is important to remember the more critical mission of a school: to keep children and staff safe and secure.

Reactionary, emotional decision to quickly implement solutions which violate codes while failing to investigate multiple options may quickly placate individuals, but it won’t help you with the extremely important goals of safety and security.

Secondary Locking Solutions White Paper

K12 & Higher Education Classroom Security:

Download an ASSA ABLOY white paper that examines critical issues surrounding secondary locking devices.


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Safety Doors For Schools


Specialized door openings designed to thwart attacks offer a code-compliant safety barricade option. ASSA ABLOY offers Attack Resistant Openings that have been tested and certified to withstand a brutal physical attack from an intruder for over 4 minutes. This extra time helps to keep occupants safe until first responders can neutralize the threat.

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ASSA ABLOY offers two variants of the Attack Resistant Opening:

  • The Attack Resistant Retrofit Kit from Ceco Door or Curries includes a Type 2 (metal door) or Type 10 (wood door) light kit, SG5 glass, plus the supplied glazing compound and tape

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School Lockdown Door Locks & Strategies


An unfortunate reality is that schools today must have a comprehensive emergency response plan that includes a school lockdown strategy. Lockdown strategies are an essential component of any school safety plan and can vary widely depending on the unique requirements of every school. In every scenario, protocols should incorporate a specific method of lockdown based on how decisions are made and applied.

Traditionally, there are two types of lockdown:

  • Centralized Decision with Universal Application 
    • Locks all doors from a central location, typically through an access control system
    • Also referred to as global lockdown
  • Decentralized Decision with Local Application
    • Locks individual doors from inside the classroom
    • Also referred to as local lockdown
    • Allows each teacher to decide whether to evacuate or lock their own door based on situational awareness

Security professionals as well as law enforcement and first responders will most often suggest an application-appropriate solution or hybrid of these two lockdown options. This typically includes Centralized Decision with Universal Application along the perimeter of a building and property, combined with Decentralized Decision with Local Application for interior doors that allows teachers and faculty to respond to events with greater situational awareness.

There are numerous types of locks that can fit into a lockdown plan. School lockdown door locks range from mechanical locks that can be secured at each individual door to online electronic access control locks that enable instant facility-wide response to potential dangers. ASSA ABLOY offers a wide variety of door locks for school lockdowns that fit any strategy, and our team of door security solutions experts is here to help you understand your options.

School Lockdown Strategies Whitepaper:

Download an ASSA ABLOY white paper that examines critical issues surrounding secondary locking devices.

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Mechanical School Lockdown Locks


For many schools, mechanical locks are the foundation of doorway security. Mechanical lockdown lock options from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin, SARGENT, and Yale include:


Bored/Cylindrical Locks

Mortise Locks

Exit Devices

  • Corbin Russwin ED5000 Series and Sargent 80 Series exit devices are available with classroom security functions and security kits.

Status Indicators

  • The newly designed status or occupancy indicator options from Corbin Russwin and Sargent provide optimum clarity on the locked/unlocked status of a door, making it easy for teachers to quickly verify whether the door is locked in an emergency situation.

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Intelligent WiFi Locks For Schools & Classrooms


Lockdown Type: Local Lockdown

WiFi-enabled locks connect to existing electronic access control systems using standard 802.11b/g/n networks and feature a button on the secure side of the lock that enables local lockdown, allowing teachers or staff to make the best decision based on what is happening in their specific location.

  • The IN120 intelligent WiFi lock from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT allows faculty to respond locally to lockdowns.

Real-Time Wireless Locks

Lockdown Type: Global Lockdown

ASSA ABLOY Aperio® wireless solutions feature real-time communication with online access control systems.

  • The IN100 Aperio® wireless lock from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT responds quickly with remote lock and unlock functions, enabling a system-wide lockdown in a matter of seconds. The IN100 also supports local lockdown.

Integrated Wired & Power over Ethernet Lockdown Locks

Lockdown Type: Global Lockdown

Online locking solutions with Integrated Wired and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology feature real-time connection to electronic access control systems.

Integrated Wired

  • The SN Series from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT features Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) communication, offering continuously monitored end-to-end wiring to protect against tampering and “man in the middle” attacks.

Power over Ethernet

  • The IN220 lock from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT offers PoE-enabled access control that allows schools to leverage existing network infrastructure for enhanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations.

Non-Classroom Openings

Lockdowns can include openings and rooms other than classrooms. These openings can be equipped with locking components that can be integrated with access control systems to ensure that every opening within the building is secured. 


Digitalization of Facility Design Records

Fire door inspections and door surveys to create digitized life safety plans, site surveys, and inventorying all your doors, frames and hardware can make your building safer, more secure, and up to code.  Digitized building records help you throughout the lifecycle of your building. 

The ability to quickly recall, modify and share building records will help you design, deliver and maintain your building’s door openings and provides a valuable resource to school administration and management, architects, security consultants, contractors, and first responders.

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School Door Security – Making the Grade


How are locks graded, and why does it matter?


With the abusive nature of the school environment, the quality of the hardware used to increase security is very important. Just as schools grade their students, locks are evaluated and given a grade. The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) is the only organization accredited by ANSI to develop and maintain performance standards for architectural hardware. To achieve a specific grade qualification, performance requirements for cycle tests, strength tests, operational tests, and security tests must be achieved.

There are three grade levels: Grades 1, 2, and 3, with Grade 1 being the highest. Because locks and hardware contribute to life safety and security in schools, it is essential to use BHMA certified Grade 1 locks. This ensures locks meet the highest quality standards through independent testing and provides peace of mind for students, faculty, and parents.

Doors, frames, locks, and hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands are installed on millions of openings throughout the world and are the foundation of security in countless school districts. Our Grade 1 doors and hardware continue to lead the industry in independent 3rd party witnessed testing that goes above and beyond. In addition to offering reliable and durable locks, ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer school-specific functionality to help increase the safety and security of your classroom, administrative, and perimeter doors. These solutions include:

SimpleK Key Management Software

SimpleK is a flexible and intuitive software that offers solutions for:

  • Master key system design and management
  • Key requests, key issuance, and door-key association visualization
  • The ability to track items such as laptops, phones, vehicles, and other equipment
  • Cylinders and core pinning
  • Buildings, doors, and dynamic floor plans

SimpleK Software

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