Door Locks for Schools

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From Key Locks to Card Locks

ASSA ABLOY offers a wide selection of door locks for schools and campus security. Our solutions range from high security key locks to advanced digital locks for doors.

Thanks to today's locking technologies, it's now possible to implement varying degrees of access control at each opening that mesh together and operate seamlessly to create a fully secure facility.  Whether combining multiple credentials, leveraging existing network infrastructure, integrating discrete components, or adding decision making capability, modern technology allows a much broader set of products. This allows for the selection of the right product to provide the right level of security within a given budget. In other words, more security for your dollar.



Keycard Locks

keycard lockIP-enabled PoE and WiFi campus access control locks from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT feature HID® multiCLASS SE® technology combined with a magnetic stripe reader, offering multi-layered security and simultaneous support for multiple industry-leading credentials. Ideal for mixed credential environments, these locks allow an easy transition to higher security credentials and mobile access.

  13.56 MHz Smart Cards* 125 kHz(HID Prox®) Magnetic Stripe Keypad Mobile Devices (iOS® or Android™)
Access 700 Offline Lock     x x  
Access 700® PIP1 PoE Lock x x x x x
Access 700® PWI1 WiFi Lock x x x x x
Passport 1000 PG Offline Lock     x x  
Passport 100P P1 PoE Lock x x x x x
Passport 1000 P2 WiFi Lock x x x x x



Key Locks

ASSA ABLOY Group brands were early innovators in the field of key systems. Though much has changed in cylinder mechanics and how facilities secure their doors, key systems are still the backbone of facility security, and ASSA ABLOY remains the leader in key system technology. Our brands are continuously upgrading their key systems to meet new challenges that confront the market.

The most basic level of protection is a typical mechanical cylinder with  a legacy key system. This key can easily be duplicated and thus offers very low level security. ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer varying levels of protection to enhance legacy key systems, including:

  • Patented key systems that protect against unauthorized  key duplication
  • Geographic exclusivity that further restricts how a key can be duplicated
  • Cylinders listed to UL 437 offer protection against picking, drilling and physical attack


  • Corbin Russwin Access 3®
  • Corbin Russwin Pyramid
  • Medeco3• Medeco X4
  • Medeco BiLevel
  • Sargent Degree®
  • Sargent Signature®
  • Sargent Keso
  • Sargent XC
  • Yale KeyMark®