School Lockdown

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School lockdown door locks range from mechanical locks that can be secured at each individual door to online electromechanical locks that enable instant facility-wide response to potential dangers.

A primary objective for many schools is to incorporate classroom doors into a lockdown strategy. There are numerous types of locks that can fit into a lockdown plan. Choosing the right locking device will depend on the school's lockdown strategy:
Centralized decision with universal application:
  • Occurs when a decision is made from a single location to lock all doors campus-wide instantly with the push of a single button.


De-centralized decision with local application:
  • Allows each teacher to decide whether to evacuate or lock their own door based on their situational awareness and options.

ASSA ABLOY offers a wide varity of locks that fit any school lockdown stratagy. The right solution often includes a combination of these two lockdown strategies.

Mechanical School Lockdown Locks

Lockdown Type: Local Lockdown

For many schools, mechanical locks are the foundation of doorway security. Mechanical lockdown options from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and Sargent include:

Bored/Cylindrical Locks

Mortise Locks

Exit Devices

  • Corbin Russwin ED5000 Series and Sargent 80 Series exit devices are available with classroom security functions and security kits.

WiFi Lockdown Locks

Lockdown Type: Local Lockdown

WiFi-enabled locks connect to existing electronic access control systems using standard 802.11b/g/n networks.

Wireless Lockdown Locks

Lockdown Type: Global Lockdown

ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless solutions feature real-time communication with online access control systems.

  • The Aperio IN100 Series from Corbin Russwin and Sargent responds quickly with remote lock and unlock functions, enabling system wide lockdowns in a matter of seconds.

Integrated Wiegand & Power over Ethernet Lockdown Locks

Lockdown Type: Global Lockdown

Online locking solutions with Integrated Wiegand and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology feature real-time connection to electronic access control systems.

Integrated Wiegand

Power over Ethernet

  • The IN220 Series and Passport 1000 P1 from Sargent along with the Access 700 PIP1 and Access 800 IP1 from Corbin Russwin feature PoE-enabled access control that allows facilities to leverage existing network infrastructure for enhanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations.

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