National Accounts Program

The ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions National Accounts program helps hospitality and entertainment, retail, and commercial enterprise organizations with a national or regional footprint select, design, specify and maintain door openings in their facilities.

Our knowledgeable experts understand that doors and hardware are complicated, and the doorways in your hotel, store or office building are unique. We can help navigate this complexity—from design and specification through occupancy and facilities management.

Learn more about our complete curb to core approach and how we can improve your building's security with:

Our innovative technologies, coupled with expertise on specifications, design, support and code compliance, uniquely position us to help you design or upgrade your facility—with safe, secure, beautiful and sustainable doors and hardware. The ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions National Accounts Program can help you:

  • National Account Channel Partners deliver cost effectiveness  - via program based consistency in materials & sourcing
  • Improve lead time – with shipping program options and assistance with lead-time forecasting
  • Mitigate risk and support design goals by leveraging our industry experts – includes writing specifications, making hardware recommendations that meet your sustainability, security, safety and function/code compliance requirements
  • Ensure consistent service – with dedicated resources which include our dedicated National Account Channel Partners
  • Cost containment – leveraging your entire build schedule vs individual project with our National Account Channel Partners as part of your supply chain

The ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions National Account Program supports:

Specialty Door and Door Hardware Products

Comfort, Accessibility and Convenience

Every building has different door opening needs specific to the to the purpose of the space. ASSA ABLOY offers specialized door and door hardware systems that can meet your unique requirements and provide security to employees, guests and assets.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands aim to help you achieve this level of design by optimizing every doorway for positive experiences.

Cabinet Locks

From server cabinets to storage cabinets and everything inbetween, we offer a complete suite of flexible solutions to meet your needs.

Hospitality Guest Room Locking Systems

Products from ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions includes electronic locks, safes, minibars and several accessories and keycards.

Luxor One Lockers

With over 15 years in the locker business Luxer One has managed millions of package deliveries across industries.

Software Solutions

Learn more about the software solutions provided by ASSA ABLOY. Get more information on BIM Software designed for architects contractors, distributors and facility owners and Yale Accentra for property managers.

Intelligent Key Systems

Intelligent Key Systems incorporate sophisticated features into retrofit cylinders to upgrade the security of existing hardware to include powerful scheduling and accountability.

Aperio™ Wireless Lock Technology

Aperio is a global wireless platform that allows you to expand your access control footprint – quickly, easily, and affordably – using existing platforms you trust. 

Intelligent WiFi

ASSA ABLOY wireless access control, including WiFi locks, PoE and exit devices, provide complete access control in locations where it would be difficult or cost-prohibitive to install a wired lock.

Safety, Security, and Sustainability - Optimizing the Building Envelope

As buildings require more complex door opening codes, it is not only important to meet these requirements, but to optimize the overall performance of access control and energy loss prevention within the building envelope.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer a range of specialized doors and door assemblies to accessories, to ensure your achieving safety, security and environmental sustainability.

Securing Entrances and Exits

Exit devices and multi-point locks for back of house applications provide an added level of control, safety and security for your building. While door controls meet ADA code requirements and protocols to provide safe and secure building access to all.

Access Control

Easily control access throughout your building with key systems and wireless lock technology.

Engineering Energy Efficiency

Reduce heat transfer through your doorways and doorway gaps with assemblies and accessories that improve energy efficiency.

Meeting Climate Crisis

Door opening assemblies built to withstand high winds to keep the people in your building safe from danger.

Door Controls

From entrance to exit and every door in-between, there's a simple solution for upgrading doors to open and close without a touch. Whether your goal is to prevent germ transmission, comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines, heighten security and energy efficiency, or offer building occupants a better user experience, Norton's touchless door opening solutions satisfies all of those needs.

Interior Door Solutions - When Form Meets Function

Aesthetically pleasing and innovative designs can completely change the overall feeling of your building and provide a warm and safe environment.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands aim to help you achieve this level of design by optimizing every doorway for positive experiences.

Providing Daylight

Incorporating glass features can provide a secure space while maintaining the integrity of the glass design and aesthetic.

Architectural Door Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories! ASSA ABLOY offers a wide product range that can cover your door from top to bottom, while providing aesthetic, intelligent and sustainable door solutions.

Controlling Noise

Reduce noise with acoustic doors and door assemblies.

Differentiating With Design

Door openings play an important role in a building’s overall design concept. Beautiful doors and hardware can now deliver security and meet building requirements – without sacrificing design.

Mechanical door hardware can help to achieve ultimate customer and user experience by optimizing every doorway for a safe and comfortable setting. 

Creating A Safe and Welcoming Perimeter - Ameristar Fence and Security Solutions

The perimeter is the first touchpoint someone has with your facility – and it can be a difficult area to secure. Creating an inviting and controlled environment requires specialized solutions that work together to keep everyone feeling safe and secure. ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer a broad range of security options to ensure your perimeter is properly secured

Preventing Unauthorized Access and Egress

Ornamental steel and aluminum fence products not only provide an aesthetic entrance, but is also your first line of defense avoiding unauthorized intrusions or departures.

Securing Critical Entrances

Bollards help guard against vehicular accidents and attacks for your facility’s more critical entrances.

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