Perimeter Solutions for Government Facilities

Securing Entry & Egress Where It Matters First

The first line of defense is at the curb of your facility. At ASSA ABLOY our products ensure complete safety and security that starts at the perimeter.

From preventing intruder entry to monitoring facility access points, ASSA ABLOY’s robust line of perimeter solutions can establish a new level of security in your facilities where it matters. ​Our products are designed to meet the most stringent security and safety requirements.

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Products and Solutions in Focus: High Security & Anti-Ram Gate and Fencing Barriers

The Stalwart IS (Impasse Security) system integrates the strongest high security fence available with the most used anti-ram barrier. The Stalwart anti-crash barrier has been engineered and tested in compliance with current ASTM F2656-07 (Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers) and meets the demand for multiple vehicle threats.

Stalwart IS

Maintaining a secure perimeter is your first line of defense against potential threats. An Impasse II fence serves as a visual deterrent backed with heavy steel components that give a higher level of protection compared to the traditional chain link or architectural mesh fence alternatives. Impasse II is the best choice for securing at risk facilities or protecting specific assets within a property.

Impasse II

Montage II is Ameristar's line of heavier ornamental steel fence suited for projects which require a higher-level of security. Owners deserve a fence system that's more than a perception of security. The architectural community has embraced ornamental fences over unattractive chain-link fences that detract from the overall appearance of the project.

Montage II

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