Complete Access Control & Door Opening Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Implementing effective healthcare and hospital security requires a facility-wide approach that delivers protection from the outside in. Each unique environment requires a solutions-based mindset to integrate everything from safety and security to acoustics, HIPAA and ADA compliance in a comprehensive, yet convenient, way.

Our hospital and healthcare specific access control systems and doors and hardware can help you meet all of these requirements. In addition, ASSA ABLOY consultative experts are available to work with you to select the correct products and seamlessly protect your building and its occupants from the perimeter to the interior. This Curb to Core framework will equip you with effective hospital healthcare facility security.

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions combine the expertise of the industry’s most knowledgeable door-opening experts with a comprehensive product offering unparalleled in the marketplace to help navigate your entire project—from design and specification through occupancy and ongoing management.

Our innovative technologies, coupled with expertise on specifications, design, support and code compliance, uniquely position us to help you design or upgrade your hospital or healthcare facility—with safe, secure, beautiful, and sustainable doors and hardware.

Proper selection of doors and hardware help protect patients and staff. That’s why ASSA ABLOY offers complete healthcare specific solutions.

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Curb To Core Interior & Exterior Security Solutions

While access control and door security is highly critical in all healthcare environments, creating a safer environment starts at the perimeter of your facility.  ASSA ABLOY’s curb to core solutions allow for the highest level of safety for all areas of your hospital or practice. 

From bollards and fencing to specialized solutions designed for healthcare facilities and more, we can work with you to design a complete security system to keep your grounds safe inside and out.  Learn more about our healthcare-specific solutions for all areas of your hospital or healthcare facility including:

Specialized Solutions For Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Patient comfort, accessibility and convenience, and pharmaceutical storage are all healthcare facility challenges that can be addressed with specialty door opening products from ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions.


STC-rated doors ensure patients have the best chance at healing in a quiet environment. Electronic cabinet locks provide safe and accountable storage of pharmaceutical supplies and enables effective protection of health information to meet HIPAA regulations. Automatic doors enable hands-free entry into critical areas of the hospital.

Accounting for all of these different challenges may be overwhelming, but ASSA ABLOY can help. Our consultative experts will work with you to ensure you are providing the best experience for your patients and staff.

Hospital environments have some special requirements where doors and hardware are concerned. Automatic doors and electronic cabinet locks are some of the unique solutions that ASSA ABLOY can offer, as well as:

Main Entrance

Create an expansive and welcoming entryway with attractive aesthetics for the most demanding, high-traffic environments.

ASSA ABLOY SL500 Overhead Concealed Automatic Sliding Door

Operating Room Doors

Maximize clear door openings to meet the demanding requirements of patient and equipment transportation.

ASSA ABLOY VersaMax 2.0 High Energy Door

Patient Room Doors

STC-rated doors, electronic cabinet locks and occupancy indicators blend function and security to support a calm and healing environment for patients.

Pemko Acoustic Gasketing & Threshold

See Acoustic Solutions

Behavioral Health Unit

Specialized door and locking products meet design codes while providing safety for patients, visitors and staff.

See Behavioral Health Products

Interior Door Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare Environments

Designing the Physical Environment to Aid Healing

A relaxing atmosphere is a critical component to the interior of your healthcare facility. Aesthetically pleasing and ambient designs can completely change the overall feel of your facility for the better.

ASSA ABLOY aims to help you achieve this level of design by optimizing every doorway for positive experiences.

Creating Bright, Healing Spaces

Incorporating glass features in patient rooms, recovery areas and work spaces can secure these spaces while providing a more welcoming experience for all.

ASSA ABLOY Glass Solutions

Providing Quiet for Patients

Block the noise that often fills your hospital hallways from reaching the inside of patient rooms with Sound Transmission Class (STC)-rated doors.

CURRIES STC-Rated Door Openings

Prioritizing Aesthetics

When form meets function, you can effectively secure your facility’s doorways and meet building requirements—without sacrificing design.

Good Design Studio Decorative Openings

Become eco-friendly and save energy with electrified lock products that are built to protect patients while ensuring a healthy environment.

EcoFlex Electrified Mortise Lock

Energy Efficient Hospital Doors and Access Control Systems

Healthcare facilities often require complex door opening codes. Not only is it important to meet these requirements, but it is also ideal to optimize overall performance in terms of access control and energy loss prevention within the building envelope.

From specialized doors and door assemblies to accessories, ASSA ABLOY Group Brands offer a number of products and solutions to make sure you’re achieving safety, security and environmental sustainability.

Securing Entrances and Exits

Get an added level of door lock control and facilitate safe, easy and secure exits within your healthcare facility.

SARGENT Multi-Point Locks

Engineering Energy Efficiency

Reduce heat transfer through your doorways and doorway gaps with assemblies and accessories that improve energy efficiency.

CECO Door’s Trio-E Assembly

Streamlining Access Control In Healthcare Facilities

Allow your healthcare administrators and staff to easily control access throughout your facility with wireless lock technology.

Aperio Wireless Lock Technology

See Wireless Lock Overview

Meeting Climate Crises

Get equipped with door opening assemblies tested to withstand high winds—built to keep your patients, staff and building safe from danger.

CURRIES Windstorm-Rated Openings

See Tornado Impact Solutions

Doors and Frames For Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Doors and frames built for exterior hospital openings solve a range of issues, from improved energy efficiency to severe windstorm protection.

Healthcare Perimeter Fence and Security Solutions

Controlling Access at the Perimeter

The perimeter of your healthcare facility is the first point of access—and it can be a difficult area to secure. With the ultimate goal of providing optimum security while maintaining a welcoming aesthetic, you require a variety of specialized solutions that work together to keep your patients, staff and visitors safe. 

Solutions to this challenge can involve fencing for first-line defense, in addition to bollards for added protection against vehicular accidents or attacks. ASSA ABLOY Group brands can provide everything your facility needs to properly secure its perimeter, offering the broadest range of security options in the industry.  

Preventing Unauthorized Access and Egress

Adequate fencing can provide the first line of defense for your facility, avoiding unauthorized patient departures or intrusions.

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Securing Critical Entrances

Bollards can help protect your facility’s more critical entrances by guarding against vehicular accidents and attacks.

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