A door and hardware how-to guide for securing cannabis facilities

Sturdy doorways, inventory control measures and sustainability/energy efficiency are a few of the cannabis facility challenges that can be answered with doors and hardware.

Cannabis facilities are opening throughout the country as more states take action that enables the growth of this nascent industry. Business owners that venture into this market need to implement robust security measures that protect their investments and conform to codes and building standards established by each jurisdiction. A few simple door and hardware upgrades can produce major improvements in facility security. Taking a curb-to-core approach to security will address most potential vulnerabilities, from the building envelope to interior doors all the way down to cabinets and lockers.

ASSA ABLOY offers a full range of products along with experts in our local field offices to establish security, accountability, sustainability and code compliance for any type of cannabis facility.

There are several cannabis facility categories. Each has their own unique set of challenges. Doors and hardware can provide solutions.

Cannabis Retail Shops
Business owners want a welcoming atmosphere that is enticing to clientele. But they also need security that prevents perimeter intrusions and protects shop merchandise. Backend doorways can be equipped with attack resistant openings that protect against prolonged physical attacks, while the main retail shop customer entrance can go with glass openings that offer aesthetic appeal and are equipped with the latest glass hardware locking solutions. Shop owners can create inventory accountability with the use of cabinet locks or eCylinders that deliver electronic access control and audit trail capability.

Cannabis Commercial Grow Operations  
Climate control and perimeter security are two primary concerns for these facilities. Building envelope door openings can help address these two issues. Exterior doorways can equipped with doors, frames and hardware assemblies that reduce vulnerabilities from outside intrusions, yet also improve energy efficiency by acting as well-insulated thermal barriers. ASSA ABLOY Trip-E openings, for example, can reduce thermal exchange with one of the lowest U-Factors (0.36) for a steel stiffened door in the market today.

Cannabis Processing Facilities
Robust security for exterior doorways applies to cannabis process facilities as well. In addition, product storage areas within the facility need access control with audit trail capabilities.

Cannabis Vacation/Spa Experiences
These resort-like properties can encompass all of the previously mentioned facility types, plus include hospitality/hotel applications. In addition to the challenges already mentioned, these facilities may also require a locking system for guest room security.


Door Opening Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

fortified doors for cannabis facilities Fortified Exterior Door

Door & Frame: Ceco Door, Curries and Fleming Trio-E Steel Stiffened Energy Efficient Door and Thermal Break frame
Locking Hardware: Sargent 7300 Series Multi-Point Lock
Accessories: Markar or Pemko continuous hinge; Pemko thresholds and gasketing

cannabis facility retail entrances Retail Entrance

Door & Frame: Glass door
Locking Hardware: ASSA ABLOY PDU8000 Series Glass Panic Device with full-height straight pull
Closer: Rixson 6280 Floor Closer

access control for interior doors in cannabis facilities Interior Access Control

Door & Frame: Ceco Door, Curries and Fleming bullet resistant hollow metal door
Locking Hardware: Corbin Russwin or Sargent IN120 WiFi mortise lock
Accessories: McKinney 3 knuckle hinges

access control for cannabis facility entrances and exits Access Control Entrance/Exit

Door and Frame: Ceco Door, Curries and Fleming steel-stiffened door with lite and steel frame
Locking Hardware: Securitron iMXDa Magnalock® with HID reader, delayed egress exit device
Accessories: Rockwood kickplate, Markar or Pemko continuous hinge
Closer: Norton 8501 Series Door Closer

cabinet locks for cannabis facility product storage Retail Storage

Locking Hardware: HES Cabinet Locks for security and audit trail or XT Cabinet Locks from Medeco.

Intelligent Keys

Intelligent Keys: XT Intelligent Key Systems from Medeco

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