Download Openings Studio™

Openings Studio is a collaborative software tool designed for all stakeholders involved on a building project, including security consultants, building owners, architects and specification writers. Leveraging the collaboration behind Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, we enable security consultants to create and visualize doors, frames, and hardware objects for use in design, construction, installation, and facility management. And best of all, it reduces frustration when determining in creating electrical drawings manually and independently of design work. With 3D objects, visualising electrical and security elevations has never been easier. 

  • A single location for information about a building project and all related electrical components

  • Create fully wired and tagged electrical elevations

  • Access documentation management tools for greater accuracy and efficiency on the job

  • Seamlessly communicate compliance with standards and codes

  • Universal format that can be used with multiple disciplines
  • Use as a training tool for new applications through established libraries
  • Door specific request for information (RFIs) enables seamless collaboration

To get started, download the latest version of Openings Studio above. If you do not have registration information and an activation code, contact a BIM consultant using the form below.

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