Meet George Calder

With a bias for action, George Calder has always had a proclivity towards seizing training opportunities to develop his skills as well as those of others. Continuous learning and improvement are innate characteristics, and he thrives on helping colleagues and customers expand their knowledge and expertise.

Before joining ASSA ABLOY Academy this past spring as our new Manager of Training Content Development, George spent nearly 20 years in roles ranging from customer research and resolution specialist to technical writer and curriculum content developer to instructional designer and training specialist.

Growing up in Connecticut, his work life started at Health Net of the Northeast where he immediately dove right into building a career. “I took everything and anything offered in terms of education, skillsets, and soft skills courses to bolster my project management and business analytics experience…even some web development courses,” says George. “I received my training certification from Langevin Learning Services in 2005 and consistently stay up to date on new methods, technologies and modalities through my Association for Talent Development (ATD) membership.”

By 2011, George had moved over to Prudential where he designed results-driven curriculum to support the learning and development needs of internal and external personnel. Two years later, he was serving as Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller for Palm Beach County, Florida developing customized training procedures for new and existing staff. It was at the courthouse where he encountered Michael Jordan getting a marriage license and Daunte Culpepper and Joe Namath serving jury duty.

But he wasn’t star struck for long before Clarity Software Solutions recruited him for their training program near home back in Connecticut. He quickly became their training manager. Now, he’s on our team, and we feel lucky to have him onboard. He considers himself a “people person” and uses his well-heeled communication skills to learn about the individuals participating in the training, what they need, and how they expect to benefit.

“As a trainer, I always liked to get to know the person in my class before we got into any work-related material – who they are, their interests, hobbies, etc. to understand where there’s common ground and what motivates them. Even though I’m not serving in the capacity of a trainer at ASSA ABLOY and the Academy, I am intimately involved in creating training content. So, it’s still critical to delve into what’s at the heart of what people want and need to learn and how they want to engage in their training – eLearning, virtual, in person – whatever is most practical and effective. That informs how we’ll evolve our programs moving forward. Always customer first.”

While George is serious and diligent about his content development role, his bias for action extends to free time as well. He loves working out at the gym, playing in paintball tournaments, which he’s been doing for years. “I may be getting too old for this. LOL,” he says. He’s also a self-proclaimed huge geek for books, movies and comic cons. He even has a collection of comic books numbering over 2,600.

George is also an avid fan of the NY Yankees. He often attends games at Yankee Stadium with his 19-year-old daughter. And just to add to the action, George and his wife will be welcoming another daughter into their lives in December. That will certainly continue to keep him busy along with the other professional and personal passions on his plate for many years to come. Something tells us, he can handle it.