The Learning Experience Accelerated

Mark Brewer, AHC, PSP – Director, Learning Experience Platform Administration
Thomas Seidel, AHC DHT, CSI, LSFDI – Manager, Training & Education
Katelynn Corbin, M.S. Ed. – Manager, Instructional Design & Training
George Calder – Manager, Training Content Development

If you haven’t explored ASSA ABLOY Academy’s new Learning Experience Platform (LXP) yet, click here as soon as you finish reading this article! You’ll find it incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate the instant you sign in. A user-friendly interface is exactly what we had in mind when we set out to improve our training site early in the year. It’s inspired, of course, by your valuable input on what you needed to readily have at your fingertips and the way you wanted to search for it.

Browse the entire rich catalog of courses in one comprehensive view if you like. Better yet, quickly find the specific training you’re looking for ─ by profession, subject or brand.

The new Academy LXP is more hub-like, if you will, where we house the vast selection of e-learning, in-person  and virtual instructor-led training, continuing education courses, and webinars in a centralized environment that makes it easy to find the best courses for your needs.

Whether you’re a locksmith, architect/ design professional, systems integrator or in the contract hardware/ wholesale business, our training tracks cover the full spectrum, from fundamentals through intermediate courses and onward and upward to advanced level learning. The LXP also incorporates AI to inform you about related courses you might be interested in.

One of the biggest things that attracted people to ASSA ABLOY Academy early on was our ability to let customers use our learning management system as their own. We would set up companies and their designated manager, and manually input their team members. The manager could then go into the system, assign training and run reports to monitor progress. Now, we’ve streamlined the process and can set up companies as groups. From there, anyone with that company’s email address domain can enlist in the group. It’s essentially self-serve for the new learner; all they need to do to create their own account is register.

This automated feature is a timesaving improvement, particularly for those participating in our career path management program. Once a team member is in the system, the manager can then immediately begin assigning training courses for their specific track and level as well as monitor progress and completion.

Whether you're implementing a new training program for your company through the Academy or an active current participant, you will need to sign up for the Academy's new Learning Experience Platform by completing a brief form. Once you’ve signed up, we will create the group, assign your designated manager, and you’ll be set to go. The new LXP makes it frictionless.

Auto-tagging, content suggestions and more personalized, curated content make the whole experience simpler and more productive for those who seek and depend on the robust training we offer. And it allows our Academy administrators as well as our users to focus more on creating a stronger learning culture overall.

Another unique, advanced feature of the new Academy Learning Experience Platform is the employee dashboard for career path management. It displays timelines of activities and achievements at-a-glance so users can easily see their progress.

As we mentioned in this month’s featured article about The Cook & Boardman Group, the door security industry is continually advancing, with new solutions and innovative products coming online all the time. There is also the ongoing need to find and hire new talent eager to get into our industry’s rewarding and important line of work. Retention of experienced, high-quality professionals is also top of mind. Investing in training is the way to show your workforce that you care about their growth as well as the success of your business.

Our goal with ASSA ABLOY Academy’s new Learning Experience Platform is to help make greater success easier to achieve as well as more valuable and relevant. Feedback from managers and trainees who helped us with 3rd party testing shows they all love it. Check it out and see for yourself!