Understanding Acoustic Door and Attack Resistant Door Solutions

With this month’s story on specialty doors and hardware that covers such critical needs as attack resistance and acoustic protection, we wanted to provide give you the opportunity to do a deeper dive into these topics by suggesting a couple of excellent online courses available through ASSA ABLOY Academy. Both are short, and more importantly, they’re free. Each one runs about 30 minutes total, including a brief quiz. And since they’re online, you can complete them at your own pace.

Understanding Acoustic Door and Frames provides a solid introduction to this highly beneficial, high-demand specialty as well as ASSA ABLOY’s related capabilities. Upon completion, you’ll understand how Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings are determined, how they differ from other sound ratings, and what components impact them.

Understanding Door Group Attack Resistant Solutions focuses on Attack Resistant Openings provided by Ceco Door and Curries and features a fascinating, impressive video demonstrating the testing for bullet and attack resistance testing.

The 15-minute course is designed to ensure sales representatives fully understand the features and benefits, know how to find and use all the content and collateral that’s available, and are ready to effectively share the beneficial value of the solution to customers.

Click here for Acoustic Door Solutions and here for Attack Resistant Solutions to get started.