Openings Studio™

Openings made easy
openings studio made easyOpenings Studio is ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning BIM software solution that integrates with Revit® and ArchiCAD®, making it much easier to create and visualize openings. It also improves the process of generating complete door, frame and hardware schedules and specifications so you can focus on design, installation and management. 

First and foremost, Openings Studio is an extremely efficient collaboration tool that helps bring together all the details and specs that architects and designers require for projects. It applies to any type of opening and integrates all our ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions products, which are updated regularly on the platform. This feature allows you to quickly access and download catalogues, technical data sheets, wiring diagrams, templates, photo galleries and more.

Unique features include:

  • Creation and 3D visualization of doors, frames and door hardware objects
  • Efficient assignment of QR codes and door tagging for managing openings
  • The power to produce virtual design guides for future projects

Since families of openings can be dynamic and frames can change with wall thickness and heights, the platform makes it easy for architects to consider all these elements. It also simplifies the process of creating and managing complete opening models for a wide spectrum of projects, from educational and healthcare settings to government facilities, mixed use offices and more.

Collaboration for the entire building life cycle
Like any new construction project, we built the Openings Studio plugin from the ground up to tailor it to the needs of architects and specification writers. That was 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve consistently worked with various firms along the way to create a constant feedback loop, which helps us continually improve the platform to keep Openings Studio fresh, accurate and, most importantly, relevant. Over the years, it has evolved into a powerful interactive tool that other project stakeholders now use.

Owners can visualize building standards, establish security requirements and access as-built information. Contractors and builders can retrieve as-supplied data as well as receive and track information through installation and punch-out. And security consultants can create fully-wired and tagged electrical elevations.

Getting started
To activate Openings Studio, we provide a link and access code download to launch the plug in. Once you open the software and upload designs through Revit or ArchiCAD, Openings Studio reviews and analyzes all the details, providing an ideal jumping off point for modifying the design and specifications further as needed.

Learn more about Openings Studio and how it can save you days or even weeks of generating door schedules so you can allocate more valuable time for design.