Meet the Team: Katie Flower

Training Specialist

katie flowersKatie has been with ASSA ABLOY 16 years and on the training team the last five. But that’s just scratching the surface of her long career in the openings industry. It started back in 1984 right as she was setting out to put her degree in architecture to work. Her first interview turned out to be at a door hardware company that needed a detailer and estimator. Hired on the spot, she says she fell in love with doors on day one. Her infatuation hasn’t waned since.

Around that same time, Katie became intrigued with the industry’s building codes. She quickly realized how important and essential they were and that teaching others about them would be highly valuable, so she decided to become an expert and differentiate herself.

For 12 of her 38 years in the industry, Katie taught at the Door and Hardware Institute. During her first 11 years with us at ASSA ABLOY she served as a specification consultant for architects and contractors. Today at the Academy, she trains professionals how to specify hardware, select model numbers, understand code compliance and just about everything else the Academy offers. Her strength to this day, though, still lies in building codes and creating tools that help determine the correct code-compliant solutions.

One of those tools is the ASSA ABLOY Egress Calculator that helps direct users to the right complement of doors and hardware based on state-adopted IBC® codes. Another is Code Corner with Katie, a light but informative video series available on the Door Hardware Nerds YouTube channel featuring bite-sized nuggets on all things code-related.

Speaking of bite-sized nuggets, Katie says, “I’m an avid gardener, I can, I make my own homemade foods and I’ve even gotten into making my own cheese like brie, bleu and pepper jack. I have a zillion hobbies. I love designing and building things and right now I’m helping my boyfriend rebuild his two-story 400 square foot deck. Essentially, I’m a work hard-play hard kind of gal. I also love sports, especially football; I’ve been active on a weekly Fantasy Football podcast since 2015.”

Creating videos for Code Corner with Katie is kind of a hobby, too, since it’s a lot of fun for her and lets her use her lively teaching style. She’s like that in the training room as well, keeping topics and content engaging as well as substantial.

A real people person, Katie loves working for the Academy and helping others learn and grow.