Welcome to Code Corner with Katie

code cornerIf you’ve been looking for quick tutorials and bite-size refreshers on building codes for opening solutions, ASSA ABLOY Academy’s Katie Flower has been cooking up some lively short videos for you.

Each month, we’ll link to a Code Corner with Katie episode. And if you hunger for more, you can find the full library on the Door Hardware Nerds YouTube channel.

Every video in the series is only 4-6 minutes long and is based on a specific code category and questions related to it.

Building codes are Katie’s strength and specialty. As she emphasizes, “Codes are extremely important to protecting buildings and the people in them. While I’m passionate about taking them seriously, I like to keep trainings light and informative so codes are easier and more interesting to comprehend and digest.”

She adds, “There’s often a misconception about codes and compliance requirements. They’re not static. They change on a 3-year basis. How they apply in your area and when they take effect depends on your state and local requirements and timelines, so it’s vital to keep up on the way your jurisdiction adopts them.”

Code Corner with Katie is a fun, fast way to get started, get a concise overview or use as a ready reference. And in-depth code content is always available through virtual and in-person training courses at ASSA ABLOY Academy.

We invite you to watch, stay tuned and enjoy.