Meet Chad Tibbets

chad tibbetsChad is a Training Specialist with ASSA ABLOY Academy who has a passion for educating our customers on the application, installation, and servicing of ASSA ABLOY architectural hardware.

He’s also a person who loves well-made things, which include the products he gets to train people on. Along with the opportunity to help locksmiths grow their skills, Chad says ASSA ABLOY’s culture as an ethical company that truly cares about people is one of themain reasons he enjoys working with the Academy so much.

He came to us in February of 2016 from the Locksmith/Physical Security channel. Before he began his locksmithing career 16 years ago, he spent a year looking for a livelihood that related to his bachelor’s degree in biology. It turned out he was destined for a profession where he could help people, continually learn and work with his hands.

He soon found himself on a career path in the life safety and security industry. Locksmithing gave Chad the opportunity to challenge the way door hardware was installed, bypassed, and maintained, which led to new methods for training the next generation.

His passion for working with his hands has him tinkering with some interesting pieces of equipment, including restoring two high-end sewing machines from the 1960s. “They’re awesome…Swiss-made, just brilliant machines. I love fine craftsmanship, especially when it comes to mechanical things and tools.” He even has some antique SARGENT tools from back in the 1800s that he admires. “Today I train locksmiths on SARGENT door hardware. Back then, they made everything from silverware to wood planes, pliers, and screwdrivers.”

His love for all things mechanical includes designing new gadgets that solve a problem, which led to his first utility patent application in 2013. By 2016, he was awarded a patent for a tool that quickly removes the nose/keyway of a safe deposit lock.

When not training locksmiths, tearing apart a machine, using a metal lathe or rebuilding a sailboat like he did in 2020, Chad keeps busy with his wife and two kids. You also might find him out on the trail riding his Austrian KTM 250cc two-stroke dirt bike if he’s not home tuning it up. We’re not sure where biology fits into his schedule anymore.

You can contact him at or +1 972 809 0846.