Fire Door Inspections

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Fire rated doors require annual fire door inspections by a qualified inspector to stay in compliance with code and regulatory agencies.

Fire door inspections are more than checklists and documents. Keeping door openings functioning and maintained provides for a safer environment for the most important assets—your occupants.

Inspections, particularly fire door inspections, help you manage your facilities’ swinging fire, smoke and egress doors. To ensure your doorways meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, the Openings Studio Professional Services team offers fire door inspections, performing a comprehensive review of your building’s doors. This helps ensure compliance with NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requirements. Our related inspection services are listed below.

All inspections include a detailed summary inspection report that contains a listing of non-compliant doors, noted deficiencies and digital images of the openings. Our team of consultants can also assist in clarifying the deficiencies and recommending remediation alternatives.

Fire Rated Door Inspections

Fire Rated Doors

  • 13-point inspection of door, frame and hardware for rated fire doors

Smoke Door Inspections

  • Smoke Doors18-point inspection similar to a fire door inspection, but with additional criteria specifically for smoke doors, such as proper smoke door gasket and seals

Egress Door Inspections

  • Egress Doors13-point inspection of door, frame and hardware for openings in the path of egress

Openings Studio™ Professional Services offers a comprehensive package of onsite surveys and inspections that are customizable to meet specific regulatory requirements and facility needs.

Mobile App Simplicity

  • Mobile app for fire door inspectionsA mobile app for fire door inspections. Tired of dealing with paper? Our innovative mobile app streamlines the inspection and collection of door data right at the door opening.