Professional Services for Door Openings

From performing fire door inspections and door surveys to creating life safety plans, site surveys and inventorying all your doors, frames and hardware, our Openings Studio Professional Services Consultants can make your building safer, more secure and up to code.

Helping You Throughout the Building Lifecycle

door openings consulting services

Our knowledgeable, certified team of door consultants will help you design, deliver and maintain your building’s door openings and are a valuable resource to building owners, architects, security consultants and contractors throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

Our Design, Construction and Maintenance Professional Services include

  • Fire, smoke and egress door inspections
  • Storm shelter door inspections
  • Updating life safety plans and drawings
  • Performing door opening punch lists on new construction projects
  • Site surveying to document existing doors and hardware for facility management and maintenance
  • Smart Tagging openings with QR code for easy access to data about each door
  • Coordinating and create Access Control and Security Elevations
  • Creating Virtual Design Guides for facility standards for use with specifications and BIM projects

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At the core of our consulting services for door openings is our Openings Studio™ BIM Software.  This full-featured, web-based suite of tools allows for the creation, visualization, and management of doors, frames, and related hardware.