Session #1:
When: Now available on demand
Title: Safer2Open Low-Touch and Touchless Solutions
Presenter: Tom Morgan, Director of Business Development – Healthcare at ASSA ABLOY

Now more than ever, creating a healthy building environment is essential. Safer2Open™ low-touch and touchless hardware can help thwart the spread of germs by reducing the number of people handling levers, pulls, exit devices and other parts of the door opening. This session is designed to guide you through a series of common door applications to help you decide what mechanical and electromechanical products are best for different door opening needs.


Tom MorganTom Morgan is the director of business development for the healthcare sector at ASSA ABLOY. He is responsible for vertical market growth, program strategy and GPO contracts. He has been in the industry for 15 years, working in distribution and later as a manufacturer’s rep. He received his Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) and Fire Door Assembly Inspector (FDAI) credentials in 2016.

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Session #2:
When: Sept. 24 3pm EDT
Title: Own Your Doors: What You Need To Know About Fire Door Inspections
Presenter: Jeff Rindlisbacher, Openings Studio Building Technologies Consultant at ASSA ABLOY

Inspections, including fire door inspections, are more critical now than ever before to ensure properly working and compliant door openings in healthcare environments. Intricate door openings and new compliance codes only add to the already complex process. Join ASSA ABLOY, to learn how you can better manage your doors and hardware and stay ahead of safety and compliance issues.


Jeff RindlisbacherJeff Rindlisbacher is a consultant for the Openings Studio Building Technologies team at ASSA ABLOY. He has been in the industry for 24 years, nine were in distribution and the balance has been with ASSA ABLOY. Jeff holds CM-BIM and CFDAI certifications. One of his favorite things about the door and hardware industry, is the advancement in technology. He is proud to be part of a team that is leading the way in the exciting and ever changing world we live in. Jeff is passionate about family and believes that everything good in the world revolves around our relationships.

Learn more about fire door inspections

Session #3:
When: Now available on demand
Title: Intelligent Access Control for Healthcare
Presenters: Ben Williams, Director of Product Management at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions; Josh Tucker, Western Regional Sales Specialist at Medeco

In any healthcare environment, the number one priority is the health and safety of the patient. Intelligent access control solutions allow you to focus on what really matters by providing the accountability, convenience and security needed for your hospital or healthcare facility to run smoothly. Join ASSA ABLOY, to learn how intelligent access control solutions can secure your unique challenges and ensure your patients, staff and visitors are safe and secure.


Bem WilliamsBenjamin Williams is the Director of Product Management for ASSA ABLOY Electromechanical Solutions, located in Phoenix, Arizona. With more than ten years of experience in the door hardware and electronic access control industry, he has contributed to the ANSI/BICSI Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) System Design and Implementation Best Practices, and has participated in multiple security advisory boards. Prior to his current role, Williams was the National Technical Applications Manager for ASSA ABLOY responsible for supporting Security Consultants and other design professionals across the US.

Josh TuckerOver the last four years Josh Tucker has been involved with the rapid adoption of Intelligent Key solutions throughout the Western United States. Ranging from deployments at Universities, State Wide Utility Agencies, to Fortune 100 end users, Josh Tucker has consulted and advised several market segments on the value of intelligent keys and the several benefits these solutions can bring to an institution.

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Session #4:
When: Now available on demand
Title: Door Solutions for Today’s Healthcare Market
Presenters: Kenny Webb, Director of Integrated Solutions for the Door Group at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions; Trent Turner, Director of Marketing for the Door Group at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

Healthcare facilities require a broad spectrum of door products with specialized needs per application to ensure the health and well-being of patients and occupants. Doors and frames from ASSA ABLOY satisfy these requirements with unique capabilities while facilitating current trends and changes in the market.


Kenny WebbKenny Webb is the Director of Integrated Solutions and Marketing Communications for the Door Group at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions. Kenny has twelve years in the commercial door industry with various roles including sales, business development, project management, product development and marketing.


Trent TurnerTrent Turner is the Director of Marketing for the Door Group at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions. Trent has eighteen years in the commercial door industry with various roles including customer service, business development, brand management, product development and marketing.

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Session #5:
When: Now available on demand
Title: Commercial-Grade Decorative Doors, Frames and Hardware: Contributors to Healing Environments and Positive Outcomes
Presenters: Sandy Matheny, ASSA ABLOY Director – Decorative Openings; Jennifer Manning, ASSA ABLOY Product Manager for Integrated and Aesthetic Solutions

 Doors and door hardware may be the most intimate points of contact we have with a building. We’re affected by the way a door looks, and by the way the lever or pull on that door feels. And while the first job of doors and hardware may be to keep what’s behind them safe and secure, they should also insulate us from noise; create a barrier against the heat and the cold; be sustainable and energy efficient; and, be aesthetically harmonious with the dominant character of a space. 

Savvy HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS are laser focused on providing HEALING ENVIRONMENTS, and improving the experiences and outcomes of their patients and staff. They know that safe, aesthetically appealing, comfortable, healthy interiors contribute to positive experiences and outcomes, and they’re working with their ARCHITECTS and INTERIOR DESIGNERS to deploy Good Design to differentiate their facilities, and to appeal to patients and care providers. 

Join Sandy Matheny, ASSA ABLOY Director – Decorative Openings, and Jennifer Manning, ASSA ABLOY Product Manager for Integrated and Aesthetic Solutions, to explore the considerable contribution that commercial-grade Decorative Doors, Frames and Hardware can make to Healing Environments and to Positive Outcomes. 

Learn about:

  • Decorative, embossed and flush hollow metal and stainless doors and frames;
  • Integrated door assemblies;
  • Acoustic sliding door solutions;
  • Suited (door lever, pull, hinge, stop and hook) hardware collections;
  • Color for doors, hardware and wayfinding;
  • Concealed and decorative butt hinges;
  • Locking pulls for glass, wood and metal doors;
  • Barn door sliding hardware solutions for glass, wood and metal doors;
  • Glass door hardware solutions;
  • Specialty trims that minimize the appearance of hardware on the door; and,
  • Attractive access control solutions. 

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Sandy MathenySandra Marheny, ASSA ABLOY Director - Decorative Openings

Sandy is responsible for ASSA ABLOY’s Decorative Door and Hardware business. She has worked for several architectural practices, most recently as Sr VP for Hoffmann Architects. An advocate for Good Design and a voice for professional practice, Sandy works with ASSA ABLOY’s sales and manufacturing teams to develop decorative door and hardware solutions that best meet the needs of Building Owners and Design Professionals. |

Jennifer ManningJennifer Manning, ASSA ABLOY Product Manager for Integrated and Aesthetic Solutions

Jennifer is responsible for ASSA ABLOY’s Integrated Solutions and Decorative Products for the Door Group. She has worked for ASSA ABLOY for 20 years, starting with Graham Wood Doors in project coordination, estimating, customer service, and inside sales.  She then worked with the Electromechanical Solutions Group with Adams Rite and Alarm Controls before moving back to the Door Group to expand the Integrated and Aesthetic product lines.  Jennifer’s primary focus is managing the two product lines, but assists in BHMA, training, assisting the Specialty Team and Service Centers.

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Session #6:
When: Now available on demand
Title: The New Paradigm in Healthcare Security 
Presenters: Chuck Young, End User Business Development Manager for North America – Healthcare; Taylor Breihan, Global Business Development Manager, Location Services

Join us as we discuss the new paradigm and healthcare security. Navigating the new normal inside visitor management, contact tracing and asset tracking with enhanced access control for healthcare facilities.


Chuck YoungChuck Young is the End-User Business Manager at HID Global for North America Healthcare. As Former Experienced Security Operations Manager, Chuck has a demonstrated history of working in health care, higher education and high value/high asset research industry. Skilled in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Server Architecture, Risk Management, and Video Analytics. Chuck has over 5 years in a Law Enforcement as a civilian with support services to Police Rapid Response Teams, Critical Healthcare and Research Infrastructure. Chuck has spent 17 years in the private sector as an end-user Security Operations Manager and director of Technical Security Services. Chuck joined HID in June 2019 as the end-user business development manager specializing in healthcare security and RTLS.

Taylor Breihan
Taylor Breihan is the global business development manager for HID Location Services. He has 12 years of experience in Mobile and IoT technologies focusing on strategy and development. His experience includes consulting on new technology systems, and designs for organizations within the Technology, Healthcare and Oil/Gas markets. Taylor has worked in roles that include, project management, system design, installation, and integration.


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