Health Product Declaration

HPDs Promote Openness in Sustainable Construction

Green building guidelines and standards are continuously evolving to make buildings more efficient, productive and healthier for the occupants within. This latter sustainability goal--healthier buildings--requires greater scrutiny of the elements that go into a building. As a result, a need has developed for Health Product Declarations (HPDs) that lists the material ingredients for each building product.


health product declaration


Environmental Product Declarations: Go to our EPD page


ASS ABLOY HPD Door Group 747 Door.pdf (..pdf, 98 kB) ASSA ABLOY 3rd party HPD_Pemko_Perimeter_Gasketing 10-2-19.pdf (..pdf, 121 kB) ASSA ABLOY Door Group HPD 707 Series Door- 3rd party verified.pdf (..pdf, 111 kB) ASSA ABLOY HES 1006 Series Strike.pdf (..pdf, 131 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD 707 Series Door with Lite.pdf (..pdf, 235 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Adams Rite MS 1850S Series MS Deadlock.pdf (..pdf, 97 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Attack Resistant Metal Door.pdf (..pdf, 337 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Ceco Legion Polystyrene Core Door.pdf (..pdf, 152 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Medeco_3_CLIQ_Mortise_Cylinder_.pdf (..pdf, 120 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Mercury Energy Efficient Door.pdf (..pdf, 281 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Norton 6000 Door Operator.pdf (..pdf, 226 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Norton 7500_Yale 4000 Door Closer.pdf (..pdf, 176 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Rockwood Kickplate.pdf (..pdf, 96 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Securitron AQD6 Series Power Supplies.pdf (..pdf, 134 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Securitron M32 MagnaLock.pdf (..pdf, 148 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Securitron M62 MagnaLock.pdf (..pdf, 148 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD Standard Hollow Frame.pdf (..pdf, 94 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD_ Regent Omega Honeycomb Door with Lite.pdf (..pdf, 120 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD_Curries 707 Door.pdf (..pdf, 111 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD_Curries 747 Door.pdf (..pdf, 98 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD_E119 Fire Resistive Frame.pdf (..pdf, 242 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD_McKinney Door Hinge.pdf (..pdf, 129 kB) ASSA ABLOY HPD_Regent Omega Honeycomb Door.pdf (..pdf, 114 kB) Rixson 147 Offset Pivot Set HPD.pdf (..pdf, 109 kB) Rixson 370 Center Hung Pivot Set HPD.pdf (..pdf, 113 kB) SARGENT 10 Line Cylindrical Lock HPD.pdf (..pdf, 143 kB) Yale Keymark Mortise Cylinder HPD.pdf (..pdf, 133 kB) Yale Keymark SFIC HPD.pdf (..pdf, 129 kB)