Glossary Terms - W


The common measurement of electrical power.


A mono-directional, unencrypted communication protocol widely accepted as an industry standard in access control equipment. Wiegand data is typically the protocol used between the reader and the host panel (limited to 500 ft.).

WiFi Access Control

WiFi access control allows a facility to leverage its existing WiFi (IEEE 802.11) network infrastructure to connect to the access control system. WiFi locks are intelligent edge devices that are offline most of the time, “coming to life” briefly when a credential is presented, to announce user specified alarm conditions, and at regular intervals to update access rights and transmit audit trails. They do not require panels, hubs or gateways.

Wireless Access Control

Access control devices that connect wirelessly to access control software. These devices may use proprietary or open wireless standards, and may connect to an intermediary wireless gateway or hub.