Glossary Terms - I

Inactive Door

( or INACTIVE DOOR LEAF) – The leaf of a pair of doors that usually does not contain a lock but is secured by surface bolts, flush bolts or other securing means. This door frequently contains the strike or keeper in which the active door latches.

Indicator Button

A part of the lock trim incorporated into a Hotel locking function which indicates on the outside of the door that the Deadbolt or inside Shut-out feature is being projected and that the room is occupied.


A signal used to temporarily prevent an alarm. Example: during the authorized use of an opening.


(1) A signal to start an electrical circuit; (2) Incoming power.

In-Rush (Amps)

The current that a device requires momentarily during its initial power up.

Integrated Lock

Integrated locks combine several discrete access control components – card reader, lock, door position switch, request to exit sensor, access control panel, and power supply – into a single unit.

Intelligent Lock

An intelligent lock stores a local database of valid access credentials and is able to make decisions locally. An intelligent lock may also store a local record of events.

Interchangeable Core Cylinder

A cylinder that can be removed from the lock by use of a CONTROL KEY, and is Interchangeable with other cores within the system.