Glossary Terms -A

Abrasive Coat

Hard granular material applied to provide a non-slip tactile surface for the visually impaired.

Access Card

A small plastic card that stores a user’s cardholder ID information used to gain access to a physical space or network resources (cards can be magnetic stripe, proximity or smart).

Access Control

The process of controlling who can access an area and when, using something they have (an access card), something they know (a PIN), and/or something they are (biometrics) to enforce security policy and controls.

Access Control Panel (or Controller)

A connection point between a reader or integrated lock and the access control software, often where the credential data is validated and an access decision is made; an intelligent (typically networked) field controller that stores and enforces the access control rules for attached devices (readers, locks, elevators, gates, etc.).

Access Control System

The collection of components that are used to manage access for a facility or campus, typically consisting of access control software, controllers or access control panels, readers and/or locks.

Active Door (or Leaf)

The first door allowed to operate in a paired sequence. Active trim or locking mechanism is usually placed on this door leaf. In case of a Double Egress opening both leaves are always active.


Indicates that the individual so identified is a qualified Architectural Hardware Consultant and member of the Door and Hardware Institute.

All-Section Key Blank

The key section which enters all keyways of a multiplex system.

Alternating Current (AC)

Electrical current that reverses direction (positive to negative, negative to positive) in a circuit at regular intervals. Example: normal household circuit.

Ampere (AMP)

Describes the amount of energy that is flowing in a circuit at any one instant.


American National Standards Institute

ANSI Wrought Strike Box

A metal box mounted behind the strike to protect the strike opening from mortar or cement.

Anti-Friction Latchbolt

A latch bolt specifically designed to reduce friction when making contact with and engaging the strike.


Aperio® technology is a global wireless platform from ASSA ABLOY, based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Aperio utilizes local wireless communication between the lock and a communications hub to connect to an electronic access control system.

Applied Trim

A moulding separately applied to the face of a frame for trim purposes.

Architectural Hardware

Hardware used on or in conjunction with doors, windows, movable partitions and possibly cabinets.


the part of a closer that connects the body to the door or frame.

Armored Front

Refers to the part of a mortise lock mounted in the edge of a door. It consists of two plates; one plate is usually unfinished, mounted to the lock case. The top, exposed and finished plate is attached to the first plate.When the finished plate is installed it covers the lock mounting tab and cylinder set screws, thereby protecting them from tampering.


A moulding or member applied to the vertical meeting edge of a door leaf when doors are used in pairs or applied to the horizontal meeting edge of doors and Transom Panels or fire rated Dutch Doors. Astragals are used to close the clearance gap between door leaves providing a weather seal, reducing the passage of sound or light, retarding the spread of fire and/or smoke through the door opening or for greater security of the opening against break-in. Astragals may be provided through the Finish Hardware section if they are of the nature of they may be required by the Wood Door or Hollow Metal manufacturer to complete the necessary fire labeling or general function requirements.

  • Mortise Astragal - A two piece astragal. One piece is mortised into each leaf of the meeting edges of the pair. Usually used on Aluminum Doors or Wood Doors.
  • Overlapping or Flat Security Astragal - A one-piece astragal attached to one door only. Usually attached to the Active Leaf and overlaps the other Inactive leaf.
  • 'Z' Astragal - An astragal that usually attaches to the Inactive Leaf and slightly overlaps the edge and face and extends from the door edge on the low Bevel side.
  • Split Astragal - A two-piece astragal, with each piece mounted on a Door Face at the meeting edges. An adjustment method is usually provided to abut the pieces and form a proper seal.
Authentication/Dual Authentication

The process of verifying the identity of a user. Dual authentication provides an additional layer of security by requiring a second method of verification (such as card + PIN).

Automatic Flush Bolt

A mortise bolt installed near the top and bottom ofthe inactive leaf of a pair of doors that holds the inactive leaf in the closed position until the active leaf is opened.

Auxiliary Dead Latch

An additional latch that automatically deadlocks the main latchbolt when the door is in the closed position. Term is usually used with mortise locks.

Auxiliary Latchbolt

A supplementary latch which, when the door is closed, automatically deadlocks the latchbolt. Protects the latchbolt from forced retraction or “credit carding”.