Diagnosis: Windstorm code-itis


Cure: ASSA ABLOY Windstorm-Certified Openings

Like any typical healthcare center, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital (formerly Orlando Regional Sand Lake Hospital) requires a wide variety of doorway solutions to address the distinct security needs for maternity wards, patient rooms, psychiatric wards, business offices, surgical suites, storage rooms and other intricate applications.

This particular facility also has one additional consideration that adds to its doorway complexities: geography. Because of its location in Orlando, Florida, the healthcare provider must also comply with the state’s windstorm codes. For this and all of its doorway needs, the hospital turned to ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions.

A new 330,000 sq. ft. addition completed in late 2008 follows windstorm codes that emphasize protection of the building envelope by requiring components—including doors and hardware—that have passed a rigorous set of testing requirements. 
The hospital complied with these codes with doorway assemblies using windstorm-tested components from ASSA ABLOY Group brands.

Project planners for Dr. P. Phillips Hospital determined the security and life-safety features required for each opening and were then able to select door and hardware components that would best fill these needs. After careful consideration, the hospital decided on openings consisting of Yale 7150 exit devices, Ceco Door hollow metal doors and ASSA ABLOY Door Accessories McKinney hinges.

Thanks to ASSA ABLOY’s selection of products and commitment to rigorous testing, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital was able to build windstorm-certified openings that are tailored exactly to its needs.