Exit Devices

Finding a door opening solution that not only endures heavy traffic situations but succeeds and continues to do so is a feat worth facing. Exit devices from ASSA ABLOY Group brands are crafted to be the ideal high-traffic doorway solution, suiting virtually any commercial door opening.

Each exit device is designed with an unparalleled combination of innovation and security, allowing safe and easy egress for any commercial setting—from educational to hospitality to healthcare applications. But just because they’re functional and reliable doesn’t mean they don’t pack a bit of aesthetic flair. Available in diverse trim finishes and styles, these exit devices are the perfect finishing touch to any doorway, in applications such as:

  • Schools and Universities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Government and Municipal Buildings

  • Commercial and Industrial

  • Office and Retail Complexes

  • Transportation Facilities

  • Hotels and Conference Centers

  • Religious Facilities

The exit device products backed by trusted ASSA ABLOY brands are engineered with high-traffic situations in mind, able to withstand the rigors of everyday use and abuse. These products are reliable, durable and are built to meet specific building standards.

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