Electronic Door Access Control Systems

From patented key systems to online intergrated locksets, ASSA ABLOY offers access control solutions tailored to the unique locking needs of each opening.

Electronic access control devices and solutions from ASSA ABLOY Group brands allow facilities to customize the level of security for any door opening. From mechanical keys to intelligent openings, an array of technologies – known as the Security Continuum – can pair the appropriate locking technology to the specific requirements and risks of each opening. 

Plus, with insight from ASSA ABLOY consultative experts, you can utilize the latest technologies and tried-and-tested strategies and techniques to provide greater security, safety and convenience for a broad range of door opening applications.
From stand-alone keypad locks to intelligent WiFi and real-time wireless access control locks, and more, ASSA ABLOY’s complete line of access control technologies and door entry systems will provide your facility with greater security and protection for visitors, staff, assets, and more. 

To learn more about how ASSA ABLOY’s electronic door access control security products and solutions can improve your facility’s safety, contact us today.

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What is Electronic Access Control?

Electronic access control is an integrated physical access system designed to limit unwanted user entry into or within a facility with the use of electronically controlled locks.  These locks can be wired or wireless and utilize an intelligent locking system to limit the bandwidth draw on your company’s digital infrastructure.   

Electronic access control and security systems provide user permissions via key cards, key fobs, mobile access with a smartphone, or other methods such as keypads. This allows for the ability to control what each user has access to and where their permissions are allowed. 

ASSA ABLOY's Electric Access Control Solutions

From patented key systems to full-featured, online integrated locksets, ASSA ABLOY offers access control solutions tailored to the unique locking needs of each opening. Whatever the needs for your facility, our team of electronic access control consultative experts can help find the best possible product or solution to your security challenges.

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