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Establish and maintain control with customized mechanical and intelligent key systems.

Our brands were early innovators in the field of key systems. Though much has changed in cylinder mechanics and how facilities secure their doors, key systems are still the backbone of facility security, and we remain the leader in key system technology. Our brands are continuously upgrading their key systems to meet new challenges that confront the market.

Mechanical Key Systems

The most basic level of protection is a typical mechanical cylinder with a legacy key system. This key can easily be duplicated and thus offers very low level security. Our brands offer varying levels of protection to enhance legacy key systems, including:

  • Patented key systems that protect against unauthorized key duplication
  • Geographic exclusivity that further restricts how a key can be duplicated
  • Cylinders listed to UL437 offer protection against picking, drilling and physical attack


Electronic keys and cylinders are a straightforward and cost-effective security solution that provides flexibility and accountability.

  • The same easy installation as mechanical cylinders, but with the advantages of an electromechanical access control system: Audit trails - Schedules - Digital rekeying - Dual credential capabilities
  • Digital keys and cylinders from MEDECO provide: - Sophisticated loss and liability control without any wiring, door and frame modifications, or additional hardware - Easy administration with PC or web software and ability to program keys remotely or via mobile devices