Our Mission: Secure Doorways

Doors and frames  from ASSA ABLOY group brands stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

We produce hollow metal doors in a wide variety of sizes, cores, gauges and styles to met a full range of safety, security and aesthetic requirements.


  • Many sizes, gauges and styles to meet life-safety, security and aesthetic needs for all interior and exterior applications.
  • High quality construction to stand up to daily use and abuse, including extreme weather conditions.
  • Custom and standard doors and frames for complete 
    design freedom.
  • Life-safety options include fire-rated, hurricane- and tornado-resistant, and 
    illuminated doors and frames.
  • Composite and steel-stiffened options.

Specialty Openings

  • Elegant panel doors with embossed designeds; available in two-panel, arch top two-panel and plank arch top two-panel.
  • Sound transmission control hollow metal or wood doors, with seals 
    and thresholds.
  • Smoke control openings.
  • Arched frames and custom profiles.
  • Lead-lined doors and frames (for radiation areas).

Privacy Sidelites

  • Instant visual barrier and privacy provided by "switchable" glass - goes from clear to opaque with the flip of a switch.

Wood Doors

Top quality, beautiful flush wood doors are available in a variety of veneers and finishes to compliment the design of your facility. Included in our selection are sustainable offerings, including agri-fiber and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified doors.

Architectural Wood Doors

  • Flush wood doors in many wood grains, stains, cuts and matches.
  • Stile & rail doors for modern and traditional designs.
  • Sketch-face* doors for highly stylized environments.

Specialty Wood Doors

  • Dutch doors for air flow and visibility, while limiting traffic.
  • Wicket doors for access while maintaining security to an area.
  • Doors with transoms for adding height and visual interest to 
    a space.
  • Lead-lined, acoustical, fire rated.
  • Lites available.

Thermal Fused Doors

  • Achievethe look of solid wood with the benefits of laminate 
     (LPDL - Low Pressure Density Laminate).
  • Consistent appearance, durable and affordable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Impact and scratch resistant surface.

Embossed Hollow Metal Doors

  • Ideal commercial applications due to strength and 
    fire listings.
  • Available in custom and standard colors, and wood 
    grain finish.
  • Available in flush or raised panel stile & rail designs.

The Rite Door®

A complete, commercial grade doorway system that is easy to install and operate, available in a variety of design options.