Physical Security Solutions


Exterior physical security components of a building, such as perimeter fencing, gates and doorways are key elements of a solid Anti-Terrorism Force Protection program.

Our Government team and product professionals are well versed in these many requirements and are available to support the customer’s specific application. ASSA ABLOYGroup brand products are designed to meet the most stringent security and safety requirements in effect today.

  • High Security Perimeter Fencing 
  • Blast Resistant Door Openings
  • Blast & Ballistic Doors
  • Anti-Ram Gate & Fencing Barriers 
  • High Security Perimeter Fencing
  • Acoustical Doors & Frames
  • Radio Frequency (RF) shielded openings
  • Lead-lined doors & Frames
  • Electronic Access Control Hardware Solutions
  • Energy Efficient Power Supplies for Access Control