Patient Security & Asset Protection


Today’s security industry is conditioned around two levels of capability when it comes to securing an opening: complex or simple. A security professional will generally look at every door and determine if it’s a candidate for a $300 mechanical lock or a typical $3,000 to $4,000 online access control device.

Limiting locking options to two broad categories, however, reduces the overall security effectiveness by overlooking the solutions that fall in between. An entire continuum of security technologies are now available that address the unique locking needs of every opening in a building.

Scalable Security

With the availability of so many access control options, healthcare facilities can better determine the level of protection needed for each opening. Whether combining multiple credentials, leveraging existing network infrastructure, integrating discrete components, or adding decision making capability, modern technology allows a much broader set of products. This allows for the selection of the right product to provide the right level of security within a given budget. In other words, more security for your dollar.