Safety and Compliance

Address code and accreditation issues with innovative door opening solutions

Openings figure prominently in life-safety codes and accreditation inspections. Don't let doors and hardware endanger patient safety and become a potential accreditation stumbling block. Our field experts can help identify and solve code concerns before they become compliance issues.

Current design meets the code...but not the need

Adding to compliance/accreditation challenge is a shift in healthcare facility design to meet the needs of changing patient demographics. Aside from traditional issues such as fire-rated doors, means of egress and smoke containment, healthcare facilitcies must address contemporary concerns such as:

  • The growing elderly population segment
  • The rising demand for ambulatory and specialized care units
  • The increased need for behavioral health units
  • Stringent infection control measures

ASSA ABLOY offers opening solutions that address both the code requirements and the changing demographics that are driving facility design.