Push/Pull Trim
The push/pull trim features a sleek, aesthetic form that aligns with the evidenced-based design approach to healing environments. The trim provides a functional, hands-free method for opening doors, while the ligature-resistant design also makes it suitable for use in behavioral health units. Push/Pull trim is offered by CORBIN RUSSWIN and SARGENT.


At last, a product that creates a “zone of safety” in the door openings at your facility! NORTON SafeZone is a revolutionary closer/holder that senses movement in the door opening and stops the door from closing. A physically disabled person in a wheelchair; an elderly person moving slowly; and a child who stops to pick up a toy— all are safe to move through the door opening at their own speed. SafeZone also provides the full feature offering you’ve come to expect on Norton door closers, and the quality you need. Learn More


Achieve the ultimate thermal performance with Trio-E energy efficient doorways. The “E” is for energy efficiency and Trio-E has the lowest U-Factor (0.29) for a steel stiffened door in the market today. The U-Factor of 0.29 was achieved in an operable condition (ASTM1363) using Pemko 273x3AFG Thermal Barrier Saddle and Thermal Break Frames from either CECO DOOR or CURRIES. The Trio-E will provide years of strength and sustainable energy savings for any building. Trio-E is offered by CECO DOOR and CURRIES.

Scalable Security
With the availability of so many access control options, healthcare facilities can better determine the level of protection needed for each opening. Whether combining multiple credentials, leveraging existing network infrastructure, integrating discrete components, or adding decision making capability, modern technology allows a much broader set of products above and beyond $300 mechanical locks and $3000 online access controlled openings. This allows for the selection of the right product to provide the right level of security within a given budget. In other words, more security for your dollar.