Glass Solutions

A Creative Door Hardware and Collaboration Experience

glass solutionsGlass has long been a favorite material of architects and designers in construction, and there are many good reasons why. Glass brings elegance, light, comfort and openness to a space. It’s more durable and sustainable than most products, 100% recyclable, and doesn’t require repainting or heavy chemicals to clean and maintain. And, it adds a sense of modernism that continues to stand the test of time.

Openness in an office environment promotes happiness, creativity and communication, which ultimately has a positive effect on productivity. For retailers, it invites customers in with products on display and a peek into the store experience. In school settings, the benefit of increased daylighting and visibility helps connect students to others, nature and the experiential environment, which can improve learning, behavior and test scores. Glass in healthcare settings adds a pleasing and calming aesthetic to clinical environments and invites increased interaction to help promote healing.

glass solutionsSeamless Glass Solutions
From the architect’s and designer’s perspective, the goal is to create a seamless-looking glass environment. The challenge for openings is how to hang and swing the glass door using hardware that’s unobtrusive yet rugged; functionally robust yet minimal and still stylish. That’s where ASSA ABLOY Glass Solutions fit in so well.

As the industry leader in door security, innovation, and design, we work closely with the best glass OEM and glazing companies that have been producing and installing high-quality glass door products for many years. We’re also well connected to the design community. Our focus is on providing a complete and highly creative range of top-of-the-line commercial hardware for glass entrances and partitions.

Strong Partnerships, Strong Hardware & Strong Design
But we’re not merely a vendor that’s only interested in a transaction. We’re vested in the long-term relationship and are committed to consistently delivering an exceptional partner experience.

Our team of over 500 consultative sales, support, and training experts works hard every day to keep our glass solutions partners up to date on the latest products and techniques. Not only do our customers know we’ve got their back, but they also count on our keen ability to listen, leadership in innovation, and our endless commitment to continuous improvement. Architects and designers in particular welcome our willingness to say “yes” so readily and our ability to offer such a wide range of available styles, colors, and finishes in our hardware lineup as well as the option for customization.

glass sliding hardwarwThe call for more and larger glass materials in office, retail, and other spaces naturally means door rails, patch fittings, hydraulic hinges, and other glass door hardware must have the strength to safely hold and support heavier weight, comply with codes, and operate smoothly and reliably over the products’ lifetime. Along with dependable, powerful functionality, the design community and their building stakeholders expect hardware to look aesthetically appealing and to blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor. This extends to mechanical and electrified components, too.

glass access controlMore and more ASSA ABLOY electronic access control options, auto operators, electric strikes, maglocks, wireless readers, and other electrified mechanisms for glass applications are now available in cleaner lines and sleeker profiles. For instance, digital door locks like our RITE Touch® RT1050D provide a keyless access control solution for all-glass openings that’s sophisticated in style. Easy to install, surface-mounted touch screen systems like this do a great job of harmonizing design and security.

pullsWe’re uniquely positioned to offer architects, OEMs, and glazing contractors clear solutions for all-glass doors that also often require special touches like custom color, powder coating, and other style customization that plans call for. This is something we’re totally used to. We often get the hard stuff that’s too challenging for competitors to take on. That’s why for us, transparency not only applies to the glass itself; it’s also integral to our “can do” spirit.


Innovation & Sustainability
But it’s not just about being responsive. As mentioned earlier, our proactive innovation and continuous improvement momentum are also huge factors in why ASSA ABLOY glass hardware is in ever higher demand. We launch a lot of new products every year, so that’s an expectation from the industry now. And we’re persistently working on extending the same type of functionality available for hollow metal door solutions to glass applications. For example, we continue to work with our Rockwood and HES brands to integrate more wireless electric strikes with center lock keepers and we’re expanding access control options for glass applications to broaden the selection of these streamlined solutions.

With the steady increase in the use of glass, the design community is also appropriately focused on energy efficiency. We have game changing solutions coming out soon to help address that need, too. Glass manufacturers, of course, continue to make strides in developing even more energy efficient products. You’ll also be seeing them integrate new impact-resistant advancements to better protect against storm damage, intruders and attacks.

Making things better is also about ensuring our solutions and products make the least possible impact on the environment. Sustainability programs are in high gear throughout our global operations from product development and manufacturing processes to the elimination of the use of Red List materials.

The bottom line is that all-glass design isn’t going away. In fact, it continues to grow. And ASSA ABLOY keeps forging ahead with new glass solutions right along with it. Check out the resources below to see what’s available now.

We’re always ready to help you explore the creative possibilities and guide you to the best functional and ergonomic options, and the right look, whether it’s already in our portfolio or something unique that you want customized.

And, if you’re going to GlassBuild America 2022 in Las Vegas October 18-20, you’ll be able to see our exciting Glass Solutions up close and personal at booth #7124, like the Center Lock Keeper with Electric Strike, our stunning 4E Translucent Brass Equivalent finish and our SGS Glass Slider. We’ll also be previewing a new solution that we’ll be launching soon. We look forward to seeing you there!