Issue 3 September 2022

Welcome to the September edition of Context!

In this fall’s issue, we spotlight how Santa Monica City Hall raises the bar and then tops it with its new triple net-zero stand-alone addition, the only government building in the U.S. slated for Living Building Challenge certification and heralded as one of the most sustainable and green structures in the world!

As autumn gets underway, leaves begin to fall and the weather starts to turn, we go indoors to take a look at how ASSA ABLOY Glass Solutions hardware enhances the aesthetics and strengthens the functionality of all-glass spaces.

This month, we also provide you with insight on why it’s vital to attend to excessive door gaps that can crop up due to building age, sagging or improper sizing. In addition, we offer advice on the practical and affordable door gap solutions that can help prevent costly fire door compliance violations.

And, you’ll Meet Tyler Baker, our fast-rising Director of Business Development for Glass & Aluminum Solutions.

Enjoy the cooling and the colors of the fall season and this month’s edition of Context!



Santa Monica sets a New Standard for Sustainability

A new stand-alone addition to Santa Monica’s City Hall (City Hall East, formerly known as the City Services Building), is heralded as one of the most sustainable and green structures in the world. It is the only government building in the U.S. to be slated for Living Building Challenge (LBC) Certification.

The triple net-zero status refers to the building’s achievement of net-zero* energy; net-zero water; and net-zero waste. The construction project focused on delivering sustainability in all building products, resulting in a structure that ultimately will pay for itself in the future.

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Pemko Excessive Door Gap Sets

Facility managers responsible for ensuring buildings meet fire door compliance know how critical it is to comply with codes from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Non-compliance can lead to disasters that threaten the health and safety of those within their walls, causing injury and even loss of life.

Excessive door gaps have been a frequent cause of such violations.Fortunately, ASSA ABLOY offers an efficient and cost-saving option: excessive door gap sets that help hospitals and other facilities reduce gaps between a fire door and its frame or the floor, effectively preventing code violations from surfacing during fire inspections.

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Glass Solutions

A Creative Door Hardware and Collaboration Experience

Glass has long been a favorite material of architects and designers in construction, and there are many good reasons why. Glass brings elegance, light, comfort and openness to a space. It’s more durable and sustainable than most products, 100% recyclable, and doesn’t require repainting or heavy chemicals to clean and maintain. And, it adds a sense of modernism that continues to stand the test of time.

For the design community, the goal is to create a seamless-looking glass environment. The challenge for openings is how to hang and swing the glass door using hardware that’s unobtrusive yet rugged; functionally robust yet minimal and still stylish. That’s where ASSA ABLOY Glass Solutions fit in so well.

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Meet Tyler Baker

Director, Business Development – Glass & Aluminum Solutions.

Tyler Baker is a passionate, tireless leader in the door security solutions world. He started in the industry ten years ago at Rockwood Manufacturing in customer service and has been on an upward career path ever since. Today, he's still on the rise and currently in the role of Director of Business Development for ASSA ABLOY Glass & Aluminum Solutions where he works closely with Glass & Aluminum OEM channels.


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