Meet Amy Musanti

Sustainability Director, ASSA ABLOY

Amy MusantiWhen you think of the root word for sustainability, it makes total sense why it applies to Amy Musanti. Merriam-Webster definitions and synonyms come to mind like nurture, strengthen, nourish, fortify, replenish, strengthen, support, hold up or serve as a foundation.

Amy has had a rich career at ASSA ABLOY. She started 15 years ago as a customer service representative and has quickly climbed  up the corporate ladder. While her formal education and degrees are in Communication, IT, and Organizational Leadership, her time with our Door Security Solutions group is what laid the solid foundation that helped her become Sustainability Manager by 2014. Two years later, she took over as Director of the program. But that was just a jumping off point; there’s always plenty to keep learning and doing.

amy coaching“The role and the program change frequently since the demands of sustainable building materials are incredibly transformative,” she says. “I credit the Door Security Solutions group and their industry leadership in sustainability efforts for educating and inspiring me to take the ball and run with it. I’m very proud to be able to play a role in accelerating the pace of ASSA ABLOY’s program.”

Speaking of inspiration and motivation, Amy is a CrossFit coach in her free time. That’s the “strengthen” part.

amy paddleboardWhen you can’t find her helping others push fitness to the max, she’s probably out enjoying a warm summer afternoon on her standup paddleboard (see “nourish”).

amy outdoorsOr she might be volunteering for Open Doors Outdoors, an organization that takes Veterans, their families and young people out into nature for re-connection, healthy activity and healing. That’s her “nurture”, “support” and “replenish” side.

All these work-life balance activities of hers are just part of what defines Amy’s sustainability story.