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The Good Design Studio

Transforming door openings into great design.

door noun, often attributive

\ ˈdȯr  \

Definition of door 

1a means of access or participationOPPORTUNITY

//opens new doors to success


Doors shouldn’t be something you just throw open and slam shut. Sure, we depend on them to let us in and out and protect what’s behind them. But they should also be part of experiencing a sense of place.

You have an incredible creative opportunity to transform door openings into great design that warmly welcomes, reflects the attitude of a space, and appeals to the senses. ASSA ABLOY is ready with valuable professional tools to show you the way to unleash that potential.

Enter the good design studio

Beautiful commercial door opening solutions that are safe and secure.

Explore the hundreds of possibilities and create your look. Check out the good design studio online and get ready to be inspired by the definitive resource for decorative doors, frames, and hardware designs and finishes. 

Interact with The Lever Ideator and its thousands of combinations to help you envision and create your own hardware set designs.

And download the Look Book with 150+ pages covering the full scope of ASSA ABLOY decorative door, frame, and hardware lines – from high-definition embossed steel doors and sliding options to levers and pulls with special finishes and decorative roses and hinges. It’s free.

We’ll also be happy to consult with you on custom solutions.

Redefine what a door should be.