Efficient, Economical Ways to Extend the Reach of Access Control

es 100Demand for expanding electronic access control (EAC) continues to grow exponentially, and the need isn’t restricted to doorways. Server cabinets, drawers, medication cabinets and other sensitive areas also require secured access.

The question is how to meet the demand efficiently and cost-effectively. New installations and retrofits with legacy, wired access control systems are one option. But that can be expensive, inflexible and labor-intensive, especially when a facility is looking to deploy EAC far and wide.

ks 100Luckily, there’s a great alternative—Aperio® wireless lock technology. Aperio eliminates the most complex part of electronic access control, the wiring in and around the door. Instead, it uses wireless communication between the lock on the door and the Aperio hub. The hub, which is typically  located  out of sight above the ceiling, is wired back to the access control panel to leverage the existing security system infrastructure. IP-enabled hubs can even be connected via PoE (Power over Ethernet) where one simple cable does it all.       

aperioWith minimal wiring and components involved, Aperio wireless lock technology takes far less time and fewer materials to install. Much more efficient and cost-effective installation helps to stretch budgets and makes access control much more scalable, without sacrificing functionality.

Because Aperio is built using open architecture, it seamlessly integrates with existing access control and security management systems, providing real-time reporting, audit trails and immediate user credential management from anywhere. It even maintains access control in the event of network and power outages. The other good news about Aperio technology is it’s available in a wide range of hardware products from electric strikes, cabinet locks and surface mounted card readers to integrated door locks and more.

aperio cabinet lockIf you want an even more cost-effective access control for door openings and don’t require real-time communications, consider ASSA ABLOY WiFi-based locking solutions from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT. The difference is no hubs are required. Instead, WiFi locks link to standard wireless access points already in place for computers, laptops, and other networked devices.

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