An Easier Path to Scalable Security


wireless access controlAccess control can vary widely across organizations. Many still use non-networked keypads, combination locks, or even basic locks and metal keys from the last century to secure buildings, private rooms, medications, sensitive files, servers, and more.

The assumption might be that these solutions provide adequate security. In reality, they lack important features like audit trails, the ability to revoke and reissue privileges if a key is lost, and integration with centralized security management systems. In other words, a lack of flexibility, accountability, and effective security.

wireless access controlFortunately, ASSA ABLOY has a comprehensive practical resource packed with helpful insight about a powerful, yet easy alternative.

In the recent past, wired electronic access control (EAC) systems were the only option. That was fine for new construction where wiring happens before the sheetrock and other surfaces go up. For existing buildings, hardwiring for electro-mechanical hardware replacements requires opening and repairing walls, which can be disruptive, time-intensive, and costly.

Thankfully, wireless EAC solutions offer most or all the same benefits, as well as many new ones, including:

  • Scalable deployment for retrofitting and future expansion
  • Significantly faster, lower-cost installation and implementation
  • Non-destructive installation on glass and aesthetically, architecturally, and historically significant doors and surfaces
  • Flexibility to expand to remote locations like gates and parking structures
  • Lower power, storage, and infrastructure costs

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