Issue 2 June 2022

Welcome Back to Venue!

In our Q2 issue of Venue, we showcase how Las Vegas Convention Center project stakeholders worked with ASSA ABLOY to identify the right seamless door hardware solutions for their 1.4 million square foot West Hall expansion.

Sandy Matheny, our Director of Decorative Openings, discusses the value of good aesthetic design as it applies to doors, frames and hardware and how these ever-expanding creative decorative options have become so integral to the overall experience of a space.

You’ll also have a chance to Meet Sandy and learn how her experience in professional architectural practices brings a valuable perspective to the industry.

And we’ll introduce you to our 360° Virtual Tour of Campus for a fun, informative way to explore ASSA ABLOY’s vast array of University Door Security Solutions.

Thank you for your continued interest in ASSA ABLOY solutions and products, and for subscribing to Venue. Enjoy this quarter’s edition!

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Case Study

Las Vegas Convention Center

Outfitting the many door openings at the facility required a massive scope of work that included egress, freight, ADA components, and more. To help meet the challenge and the specs, the LVCVA project team worked with the local ASSA ABLOY team to find just the right mix of products and solutions.

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Tech Spotlight

360° Virtual Campus Tour

Virtually immerse yourself in the campus experience and see how ASSA ABLOY door security and access control solutions play an important role at colleges and universities today. Discover how you can use these innovations to create a sustainable, safe and healthylearning environment.

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Good Design Without Compromise

The primary objective of doors and hardware is to provide safety and security.  But these ciritical funtions do not have to come at the expense of aesthetics. ASSA ABLOY has created a very happy marriage between function and design with extensive lines of door openings and access control innovations that provide design continuity across all our amazing brands.


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Meet the Team

sandy matheny

Meet Sandra Matheny

Director - Decorative Openings

Sandy is our Director - Decorative Openings at ASSA ABLOY. She’s been with the company nearly 16 years and has been opening new doors for us since day one.

A graduate of The Ohio State University with a wealth of insight gained from her experience in professional architectural practices, Sandy brings a valuable perspective to the design, development, and commercialization of ASSA ABLOY’s Decorative Door, Frame and Hardware Solutions.


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