ASSA ABLOY Coffee Time Webinars

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Thank you for being a part of our Coffee Time webinar series!

Our Coffee Time webinar series takes a deep dive into products and solutions from ASSA ABLOY that help secure higher education campuses. Our 2020 series has concluded, but If you missed any of the webinars or if you'd like to share them with a colleague, recordings of each webinar are available below.

Coffee Time Summer Sessions

This academic year has certainly been a challenge, but as you prepare for the fall, we would like to offer the opportunity to learn from your peers about best practices for optimizing the student experience.

As a driving force behind almost every decision that a college or university faces, the student experience is influenced by many different many factors. Hear from leading universities about the ways they are using security and access control to enhance this experience to improve enrollment and retention rates.

Session #1:
Jon TingleyWhen: July 8th 2pm – 3pm EDT
Title: Building a Seamless Student Experience at Tulane University
Presenter: Jon Tingley, Associate Director, Housing Facilities
Institution: Tulane University

Description: Princeton Review has placed Tulane University at or near the top of the list for several criteria, including Happiest Students (#4), Best-Run College (#4), and Quality of Life (#9). This can be attributed to their commitment to providing top-tier service for their students, which is exemplified in their recent efforts to increase campus security and create a more modern campus. Gain insight into the long-term planning required when a school like Tulane takes on the challenge of bringing their doors online. Learn about the challenges they faced and the benefits they will realize in this journey toward seamless security and mobile access.


Session #2:
Jenn DOughty and Chris GillettWhen: July 16th 2pm – 3pm EDT
Title: Streamlining the Student Move-In Process and Creating an Experience at the University of Oklahoma
Presenters: Jenn Doughty, Director of Housing and Chris Gillett, Senior System Engineer, Sooner Card
Institution: The University of Oklahoma

Description: As most campuses know, residence hall move-in is one of the most chaotic and stressful day(s) of the year. When faced with extenuating circumstances that would make move-in even worse, the OU Housing team took advantage of the opportunity to create a move-in experience. Utilizing a cruise ship style approach, complete with a staff to unload the resident’s belongings, OU turned one of the worst days of the year into an experience that has to be seen to be believed. Once OU launched the mobile credential, they further perfected the move-in experience by building a custom app that would allow for contactless check-in into StarRez, resulting in a seamless user experience when the resident used their card, phone or watch to access their residence hall.


Stay tuned for more information on additional sessions. 

2020 Spring Series Now Available On Demand

Communicating & Maintaining Your Door Openings (originally aired April 15, 2020)

If you had to explain a highly used, access control or ADA opening on one of your buildings, could you identify all the important features and functions of that opening without actually going to it? Join Jeff Rindlisbacher, Openings Studio Building Technologies Consultant from ASSA ABLOY as he discusses the importance of sharing your door and hardware design standards in a visual, electronic format and how you can design, deliver and maintain your building’s door openings throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. 

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Making Key Control Manageable, Smart & Secure – (originally aired April 22, 2020)

Managing a mechanical key system can be a challenge. However, it doesn’t have to be if you follow some basic design principles and concepts. Join Dale Bowman, Director of Business Development for Medeco as he guides you through the key system challenges that most institutions are faced with, and insight into what you can do to reduce or eliminate those challenges. Dale will also explain the advantages and options for deploying intelligent keys versus traditional cores to bring additional security to challenging openings on campus.

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Wireless Access Control: Understanding Your Technology Options (originally aired April 29, 2020)

Thinking of deploying access control on campus and not sure what solution best fits your security and financial needs? Please join Lisa Corte, Director, EM-EAC Product Management, as she reviews the considerable differences between today’s legacy access control, wireless and IP-based solutions such as Wi-Fi and PoE.

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Ensuring ADA Compliance Across Your Institution (originally aired May 6, 2020)

Learn how facilities management can provide ADA accessibility deeper into existing buildings without stressing the budget. Join Jay Vaitkus, Director of Business Development, Power Operators from Norton & Rixon as he details how facilities personnel can accomplish this with decreasing budgets, challenging openings, energy reduction initiatives, code requirements, expansion of access control systems and increasing demands from students and staff.

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Managing Security, Scheduling & Lockdown of Interior Spaces (originally aired May 13, 2020)

Having discussions related to securing interior spaces at your institution? In reality, choosing the best solution for your facility is not that simple.  Please join Ron Baer, Director Business Development from ASSA ABLOY as he discusses how carefully planning and implementing application appropriate solutions provide your institution with a hybrid style approach to meeting your security needs.

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Moving Your Institution Forward with Mobile Access and Asset Monitoring (originally aired May 20, 2020)

Thinking of upgrading your institution to a more secure credential and having real-time visibility into the most important areas of operations to identify people, property and assets? Then please join Tim Nyblom, End User Business Manager PACS from HID Global, as he discusses the migration path to mobile credentials and how you can deploy real-time location services or Proximity based solutions to help identify how resources are being utilized.

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Innovative & Smart Electronic Package Management (originally aired May 27, 2020)

Want to learn how you can improve managing your package delivery and pick-up problems? Please join Chris Moreno, Director of Sales from Luxor One, as he discusses how you can  deploy smart lockers for package pick up and return, for use in mailrooms, and fully featured self-contained smart locker rooms for unattended environments.

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Discover New Ways to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals (originally aired June 3, 2020)

Are your institutional design standards out of date? As door openings, access control and sustainability become increasingly more complicated and the needs of the campus constantly changing, please join Amy Musanti, Director of Business Development Sustainable Building Solutions from ASSA ABLOY has she reviews ways to refresh your institutional design guide to achieve additional sustainability goals.

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